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6:27 am
Wed June 5, 2013

What Will the Federal Sequester Mean for Kentucky Medical Research?

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We’ve heard about how the federal budget sequester has affected control towers, military budgets and other parts of the government. But what about federally funded medical research?

Every year, the National Institutes of Health distributes billions of dollars to universities and research institutions to explore the biggest medical questions, looking at cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's.

Both the University of Kentucky and The University of Louisville receive money from the NIH for medical research.

To discuss how this will affect these schools and Kentucky at large, I spoke with Mary Woolley, president and CEO at Research!America.

"A lot of those good ideas are not going to be funded this year," Woolley says. "Kentucky stands to lose at least $7 million in research funding that's taxpayer-supported medical research, largely from the National Institutesof  Health.

"And it could stand to lose much more."

NIH Mary Woolley