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7:00 am
Wed July 2, 2014

Where Are Louisville's Most-Ticketed Parking Meters? (Hint: They're All On the Same Block.)

Parking Meter
Credit Alix Mattingly / WFPL News

Last week, the Parking Authority of River City made two announcements. First, the hourly rate at parking meters would go from $1.25 to $1.50. Second, PARC will begin enforcing parking laws on Saturdays.

Paying meters was required on Saturdays, but the law wasn’t strongly enforced.

But it set us wondering. If Saturday was the time when you were previously least likely to get a ticket, when or where are you most likely to end up catching a green envelope on your windshield?

The when varies depending on how often and at what time the meter reader passes by. The where, though, isn’t such a mystery.

Of the approximately 4,800 parking meters in Louisville, one parking meter was the site of 556 tickets between May of 2013 and May of 2014. The meter isn't in front of a busy office downtown. It isn't even on a major thoroughfare. It's this one:

The most ticketed parking meter, on Dundee.
Credit Alix Mattingly / WFPL News

This meter is at 2208 Dundee Road. The next most-ticketed meter is right next to it. In fact, the 10  most-ticketed meters in that year are all on the same block of Dundee Road, with the least-ticketed among them bringing in 401 citations.

Of the 50 most-ticketed meters, 16 are on Dundee (there are 19 meters on Dundee in total). This block of the street is used almost exclusively for parking, with angled spots hard to come by during peak business hours.

PARC Director Tiffany Smith attributes the high-ticketing rate to the prevalence of businesses and restaurants at the Douglass Loop. Nothing more to it, she says.

Only one meter reader works the Dundee/Douglass Loop route at a time. And a business owner in the Douglass Loop says the officer passes by the strip about every hour. This business owner adds that the meter at 2208 is often out of order, but people park there anyway, warranting a ticket.

The concentration of tickets on a single street isn’t an anomaly. Thirteen of the 50 most-ticketed meters are on Muhammad Ali Boulevard downtown, with the most-cited one—at the corner with Fourth Street—gathering 386 tickets.

The 300 and 400 blocks of Ali are close to Fourth Street Live and the Seelbach Hotel (the prevalence of parking tickets near the Seelbach was somehow not mentioned in the Great Gatsby).

Here are the 20 most-ticketed meters from May 2013 to May 2014 and the number of citations:

  1. 2208 Dundee - Meter No. 556
  2. 2206 Dundee - 541
  3. 2210 Dundee - 511
  4. 2212 Dundee - 511
  5. 2202 Dundee - 503
  6. 2204 Dundee - 499
  7. 2214 Dundee - 457
  8. 2200 Dundee - 441
  9. 2226 Dundee - 407
  10. 2228 Dundee - 401
  11. 402 Muhammad Ali (right side) - 386
  12. 2216 Dundee - 373
  13. 2218 Dundee - 368
  14. 1501 Highland - 361
  15. 402 Muhammad Ali (left side) - 343
  16. 400 Muhammad Ali (left side) - 340
  17. 307 Muhammad Ali (right side) - 333
  18. 307 Muhammad Ali (left side) - 330
  19. 500 Fourth Street - 318
  20. 1503 Highland - 316