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Here’s a treat from local favorites Wax Fang (winners of the inaugural Louisville Music Award Song of the Year for “The Blonde Leading the Blonde”) — a stately baroque cover of the Misfits’ spooky anthem “Halloween.” 

If anyone sees Scott Carney packing a ton of cat litter through the Kroger parking lot today, send us a pic.

(That Buzzgrinder interview with Glenn Danzig referenced, by the way? By WFPK’s own Sean Cannon.) 

And while you’re at it, you’re already buzzing on a sugar high and wearing a wig at work, so you might as well take a minute and listen to Wax Fang’s next single, “Hearts Are Made for Beating,” before it goes on sale Tuesday.

Here’s the Misfits cover:

(Original Misfits track here, if you’ve been sleeping a little too well these days.)