For soccer fans, it was a huge match-up.

The United States men’s national soccer team didn’t necessarily need a victory Thursday to advance in the World Cup—but fans really, really wanted a win against the high-profile team from Germany.

More than 200 fans chanted and cheered during the afternoon match as they watched on the megascreen at Fourth Street Live in downtown Louisville.

The U.S. lost, but the team still advances into the round of 16.

Despite the loss, they were excited.

We caught up with some of the fans, here’s what they had to say about U.S. vs. Germany, the World Cup and soccer.

“We did well against the third best team in the world, I’m pumped.” 

— Brian Bailey

“Just watching this game you can see how differently we played than four years ago.  We can definitely compete and you have to be impressed by that even if you’re not a soccer fan.”

—Christa Iwu

For some, the game took precedence over work.

“They gave us permission to watch, a two-hour lunch break.  It’s too exciting to be there, and I would be clicking on the Internet trying to watch the game.” 

Jose Bonilla

“Work is never better than watching a game.” 

— Donny Overton

“I’m like a lot of Americans that just have an increasing love of the game.”  

—  Mayor Greg Fischer

Many were soccer fans.  Some not so much, but everybody said they were passionate about American sports.

“The red white and blue runs through my veins, I love watching soccer and I love watching United States soccer, it doesn’t get much better than that.” 

—  Carson Kehres

“I just believe in our team, that’s all I can say, I am at a loss for words right now.” 

— Connor McGee

“I wish we would have scored, or even won, but I am still excited that we are advancing.” 

—  Jessica Bailey

Some even came from far away to see the game live at Fourth Street

“We drove here from Toledo, we specifically came to Louisville at this time because we knew they were playing it on the big screen.” 

—  Shannon Longenecker

All in all, the fans were pleased and are looking forward to the next World Cup match.

“The hair on my arms was standing up, it was so exciting. They’re going to the next round and that’s fantastic, we’re going to watch every minute of it.” 

—  Tim Thornburg

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.