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Hello brave listener and welcome to WFPL’s Sound on Film.

This is it. The super-sized Best of 2013 episode detailing our absolute favorite movies of the year, alongside some memorable onscreen moments.

Joined by guest panelist Adam Stovall, a screenwriter and film journalist for Creative Screenwriting Magazine, this is the one where we leave it all on the table.

Hope you remembered your tux, because here we go.

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Special thanks to house band Discount Guns.

Listen below:

Chris #10-6 (02:21)

10. “Only God Forgives

9. “Like Someone in Love

8. “Stories We Tell

7. “The Act of Killing

6. “American Hustle

Robert #10-6 (15:43)

10. “Mud

9. “American Hustle”

8. “Nebraska

7. “The East

6. “Dallas Buyers Club

Adam #10-6 (27:12)

10. “Drinking Buddies

9. “Blue is the Warmest Color

8. “Before Midnight

7. “Frances Ha

6. “Short Term 12

Favorite Onscreen Moments Part 1  (38:12)

The #5s (44:45)

Chris – “Mud”

Robert – “The Wolf of Wall Street

Adam – “Stoker

The #4s (56:54)

Chris – “Behind the Candelabra

Robert – “Blue Jasmine

Adam – “Cheap Thrills

The #3s (01:07:28)

Chris – Fruitvale Station

Robert – “Gravity

Adam – “The Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite Onscreen Moments Part 2 (01:17:50)

The #2s (01:20:26)

Chris – “Spring Breakers

Robert – “12 Years a Slave

Adam – “12 Years a Slave”

The #1s (01:32:00)

Chris – “12 Years a Slave”

Robert – “Fruitvale Station”

Adam – “Upstream Color

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Next time on Sound on Film: Reviews of Spike Jonze’s “Her” and the Oscar-nominated documentary, “The Act of Killing.” Plus, our full thoughts on the full list of Academy Awards nominations.