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Hello Brave Listener and welcome to Sound On Film. On today’s episode, I visit with Joshua Overbay, the director and story-writer for the film “As It Is In Heaven.”

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‘As It Is In Heaven’

Joshua Overbay is the director of 18 film projects. Mr. Overbay currently is a professor of film at Louisiana State University, but has a substantial Kentucky connection from his years as a film professor professor at Asbury University. He visits us at Sound On Film this week to talk about the film

“As It Is In Heaven,” which he directed and which he helped to write, along with Ginny Lee, his wife. “As It Is In Heaven” tells the story of a religious sect which sees its Prophet die and a young man succeed him one month before the sect believes the world will come to an end. The film stars Chris Nelson, Luke Beavers, Abi van Andel, Jin Park, Shannon Baker and John Lina. It was photographed by Isaac Pletcher and produced by Nathaniel Glass. It will screen at Village 8 beginning on Aug. 1.