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Earlier this month, 7-year-old Tiana Parker was told that her locs were considered an unacceptable hairstyle in her African-American charter school. Word quickly spread among black feminist scholars, including friend-to-the-show Dr. Yaba Blay.

What followed was a testament to the power of black women to uplift each other and celebrate the beauty of black girlhood. Dr. Blay assembled a care package for Tiana which quickly got attention from thousands and thousands of people online, and has now been crafted into an e-book for black girls.

Dr. Blay joined us this week to tell us what moved her about this story, and how the project came to fruition.

And in our Juicy Fruit segment, we talk about the South Carolina church whose black pastor requested that only white people be church greeters, and The Talk host Sheryl Underwood’s disparaging comments about black children’s hair (why did everyone decide this is the month to come for black babies’ hair?).

Laura produces Curious Louisville, Strange Fruit, and other audio news stories for WFPL.