Local News

While we spent the week celebrating Jai’s birthday and recovering from EOY, CNN’s Don Lemon was busy making people mad and agreeing with Bill O’Reilly. In our Juicy Fruit segment this week, we deconstruct his list of advice for black folks. The video is worth a watch, but if you’re pressed for time, it boils down to pulling up your pants and not having babies out of wedlock.

It was a disappointing reminder that just because someone’s family doesn’t make them immune to the lure of respectability politics. But as Doc said, he’s certainly no Boykin (and we did agree with him that littering is gross).

Also this week we bring you part two of our chat with Louisville activist Carla Wallace, and author Chris Crass. Chris was in town recently to celebrate the release of his book, Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racism Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy.

Laura produces Curious Louisville, Strange Fruit, and other audio news stories for WFPL.