Local News

Last week we were invited by the Muhammad Ali Center to host a talkback panel after a screening of “The New Black,” a film looking at how LGBTQ activism, the black church, homophobia, and queer people of color affected the fight for marriage equality in Maryland.

The film was great (if there’s a screening near you, check it out), and our conversation after was quite lively, so we’re bringing that to you this week in lieu of a feature interview.

This week’s Juicy Fruit: Friend to the show Yaba Blay has won a first-place Independent Publishers Book Award Gold Medal Award for her book, “One Drop!” We love her!

LaVerne Cox was on the cover of Time Magazine (on her birthday!), and while the interview has its problems, it’s not entirely bad, and she looked sickening on the cover. Read it here. And speaking of, “Orange Is the New Black” comes back next week. We’re trying so hard not to watch it all in two days this time. But we probably will.

Kim and Kanye got married, which lead us into a who-is-cuter argument regarding Blue Ivy and North West. We congratulate them, because, to paraphrase Jaison’s Facebook status, “Sometimes you gotta sleep with a few Ray Js before you find your Kanye.”

And speaking of true love, Stacey Dash got a job at Fox News, and we think they’re a perfect match.

Laura produces Curious Louisville, Strange Fruit, and other audio news stories for WFPL.