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Fruitcakes, do you have Hoteps in your life? Are they popping up on your timeline with vaguely-Egyptian-looking profile pics and poorly-thought-out comments about the emasculation of the Black man? Have you seen their arguments about how #BlackLivesMatter isn’t for them because it’s feminist and was started by queer women?

This week, Mouse Jones issued a passionate rebuttal on Slay TV’s show The Grapevine.

“Let them lead! They’re trying to make sure we’re not shot no more,” Jones says in the video. “You’re not doing it. I can’t do it. A lot of us can’t do it.”

Longtime Louisville activist and artist Tan Hazelwood joins us on this all-Juicy-Fruit episode, where we discuss the video in question and the reasons why homophobia could turn folks against the very people who are advocating on their behalf.

Laura Ellis |

Tan Hazelwood with your hosts

We also talk about Lavinia Woodward, the Oxford student who stabbed and otherwise assaulted her boyfriend during a drug-induced argument. A judge delayed her sentencing and likely won’t give her jail time because she’s studying to be a surgeon and her future is so bright.

She’s young, slim, pretty and white, in case you hadn’t guessed. Sounds like a case of what we on this side of the pond would call “affluenza.”

And Author Feminista Jones also had us cracking up this week when she tweeted, “Piss a man off today: tell him you agree with his compliment of you.” What followed was a flurry of screenshots of women doing just that, and a conversation about why women are not only expected to look flawless, but to somehow not know when they do.

Laura is the producer of Strange Fruit, a weekly talk show focusing on race and gender, and oversees WFPL's Curious Louisville project.