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Just a quick head’s up about the weather in Louisville on Thursday evening.

It’s been warm in Louisville through the day (in the low 70s in the afternoon), but the National Weather Service said a “strong” cold front is moving into the area.

With that, Louisville may get severe weather Thursday evening, the weather service said in its 4 p.m. update. The best chance is between 7 p.m. and 1 a.m. Here’s more on the timing:

Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky (with a slighter risk in southern Indiana) have the greatest threat for severe weather, the weather service said.

Should severe thunderstorms develop, here’s what people in the Louisville area will have to worry about:

Wind could gust as strong as 65 miles per hour. In fact, the weather service said it’s “likely.” To make matters worse, some trees may have been damaged by the recent iceā€”and either way, the ground is soggy because of all the recent snow. The weather service said the combination may cause more trees than usual to come down in the wind. 

And because because of the soggy ground, the Louisville area has a chance for localized flash flooding.

There’s also a possibility for isolated tornadoes and small hail.

Louisville and surround areas are under a flash flood watch and wind advisory are in effect until 1 a.m. Friday.