Kentucky May Get 20 More Days of 95-Plus Degree Heat By Mid-Century, Study Says

May 19, 2015

The study estimates that because of both climate and population changes between 2041 and 2070, there will be about 500 million more annual "person-days" of exposure to extreme heat in the “East South Central” region, which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Read Story


A Look at Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Comer’s Climate Change Remarks and Agriculture

May 11, 2015

Putting aside the science behind climate change, and the fact that nearly all climate scientists agree both that it’s happening and is influenced by human activity, it was a severe winter this year. Read Story

Mill Creek

Mitch McConnell to Rest of World: ‘Proceed With Caution’ on Climate Deal

March 31, 2015

The U.S. has submitted its carbon emissions reduction plan to the United Nations, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already warning the rest of the world that America may not follow through on it. Read Story


Louisville Archdiocese Awaits Papal Encyclical on Climate Change

January 12, 2015

Deacon Lucio Caruso, director of mission for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Louisville, said that the Archdiocese has been addressing climate change for years, because the church believes it is humans’ responsibility to care for creation. Read Story


EPA Pushes Final Climate Rule to Mid-Summer

January 7, 2015

The Environment Protection Agency will delay releasing its final rules for carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants. The first round of rules—regulating new power plants—was expected this week, while final rules about modified and existing power plants … Read Story