Steve Beshear

Beshear Vetoes Part Of Tobacco Settlement Bill, Revenue Less Than Expected

April 8, 2015

Gov. Steve Beshear has vetoed part of a bill that appropriates money from the state’s settlement with tobacco companies. Read Story


Gov. Beshear: Report Shows Benefits of Kentucky’s Medicaid Expansion

February 12, 2015

The Medicaid Expansion Report, compiled by Deloitte Consulting, analysed various impacts of the expansion through 2014. It also updated estimates from a 2013 whitepaper. Read Story

Steve Beshear

5 Takeaways From Gov. Beshear’s Final State of the Commonwealth Address

January 7, 2015

Gov. Steve Beshear celebrated many of his major policy accomplishments during his tenure in the state's executive branch, and called on lawmakers to continue moving the 2015 session toward job-creation initiatives. Read Story