2014 Kentucky Senate race

3:32 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

An Ideal Conservative, Matt Bevin’s Insurgent Campaign Filled With Missteps

Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin speaking to supporters in Louisville, Ky.
Credit Phillip M. Bailey

In south central Kentucky, few people care more about politics than Joe Walden.

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4:47 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Mitch McConnell-Led Filibuster Halts Minimum Wage Bill in Senate

Credit File photo

Senate Republicans successfully blocked a key Democratic proposal on Wednesday to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., all but one GOP senator voted to sustain a filibuster against the measure, which failed to reached the needed 60-vote threshold.

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5:41 pm
Tue April 29, 2014

Kentucky Coal Association Warns Alison Lundergan Grimes Against Taking Environmentalist's Donations

Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Kentucky Coal Association is warning Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes against taking donations from a California billionaire known for environmental activism.

Grimes attended a meeting in Chicago on Tuesday with major Democratic donors. She is seeking the nomination to run against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell in the fall.

The donors included NextGen Climate Action President Tom Steyer, who has pledged to work against candidates in favor of coal production in the United States.

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5:59 pm
Mon April 28, 2014

Matt Bevin 'Shocked and Saddened' Over Toyota Closing Kentucky Headquarters

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin
Credit mail.com

In a move observers are calling a huge blow to the state's economy, Toyota is closing their Northern Kentucky headquarters as part of a national consolidation.

The relocation will result in the loss of 1,600 mostly white-collar jobs.

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

A few hundred engineers also may move to the company's manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Ky., where more than 7,000 people now work.

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7:59 am
Sun April 27, 2014

McConnell Campaign Hopes GOP Lawmaker Will Apologize for Grimes 'Fat in Empty Dress' Joke

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell
Credit Kentucky Secretary of State/U.S. Senate

Republican U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell's campaign is urging a Kentucky state lawmaker to apologize for joking about Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes being called an "empty dress" last year.

The comments were made during the Fayette County GOP's Ronald Reagan Dinner on Saturday where several candidates and elected officials, including McConnell, were in attendance.

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1:40 pm
Fri April 25, 2014

Kentucky Journalist: ‘Impossible’ Mitch McConnell Jobs Story ‘Lost in Translation’ as Senator Claims

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Credit File photo

A veteran journalist is standing by a report that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said it wasn't his responsibility to bring jobs to one Kentucky’s poorest counties.

The Beattyville Enterprise asked McConnell what he was going to do to bring jobs to Lee County at a luncheon last week.

McConnell said that isn't his job in Washington, adding that economic development is an issue for state government.

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8:00 am
Fri April 25, 2014

Matt Bevin: 'Criminalizing' Kentucky Cockfighting a 'Bad Idea'

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin
Credit Phillip M. Bailey

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin did endorse cockfighting at a rally last month despite repeated claims that he didn't agree with the blood sport or that it was discussed during his attendance.

WAVE 3 investigative reporter John Boel went undercover and filmed the March 29 event, which has hampered Bevin's primary challenge against incumbent Mitch McConnell.

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11:12 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes Wants the Keystone Pipeline OK'd

Alison Lundergan Grimes

FRANKFORT — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is calling on President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline, joining 11 incumbent Democrats as the party tries to keep control of the Senate this November.

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7:53 pm
Tue April 22, 2014

A New Low in Latest Senate Ad Featuring Republican Matt Bevin's Children?

A McConnell campaign Twitter account's response to Bevin's kids ad

A new low?

The nasty Kentucky U.S. Senate Republican battle for incumbent Mitch McConnell's seat has now embroiled one of primary challenger Matt Bevin's children.

In a new 30-second TV ad, one of Bevin's daughters, Olivia, tells viewers not to be fooled by "a bunch of lies" McConnell is telling about her father.

Overall, it's meant to be a positive commercial featuring Bevin's children.

They are praising their father's military record, leadership, and role as a family man.


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4:14 pm
Mon April 21, 2014

Matt Bevin Campaign Spokeswoman Departs Ahead of Primary Election

Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin

In the final weeks of the Kentucky Republican primary election, U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin's chief spokeswoman has left the campaign for an unknown reason.

Rachel Semmel joined Bevin's bid to unseat GOP leader Mitch McConnell last September after leaving an Arizona GOP lawmaker’s office.

But in recent weeks Semmel had missed several campaign events and failed to respond to follow-up questions.

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