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5:14 pm
Mon March 3, 2014

Legislation to Let Rand Paul Run for Senate and President Could Be On The Way

Credit U.S. Senate

A state Republican lawmaker is considering filing a bill that will permit U.S. Senator Rand Paul to run for re-election in Congress as well as President of the United States.

Senate GOP Floor Leader Damon Thayer is mulling legislation that would clarify a state law that prohibits candidates from holding or running for two offices simultaneously.

Thayer says that Paul discussed the issue with members of the Senate Republican caucus earlier this month, when Paul testified in Frankfort in support of a bill restoring felons’ voting rights.

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1:38 pm
Wed April 3, 2013

Polls Show Rand Paul Gaining Strength for 2016 After Filibuster, Policy Speeches

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Two national polls released this week show Kentucky Senator Rand Paul neck and neck with many other potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates.

Both Quinnipiac and Public Policy Polling released surveys Wednesday showing Paul in second or third place in the early GOP primary field. 

Paul clocks in at 15 percent in the Quinnipiac poll, behind former vice presidential nominee and Congressman Paul Ryan at 17 percent, and fellow Republican Senator Marco Rubio at 19 percent.  

The PPP survey has Paul making a bigger leap since their previous presidential poll. Paul has 17 percent of primary voters in the PPP poll, with Rubio at 21 percent.

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