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7:48 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Kentucky Lawmakers React to Ruling on Grocery Store Liquor Sales

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FRANKFORT — A federal appeals court has struck down a 2012 decision that lifted a ban on Kentucky grocery stores selling liquor and wine.

On this issue, the chatter in Frankfort suggests that a legislative challenge to that ruling, if it happens, isn’t likely to fare well.

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Local News
6:40 am
Mon November 18, 2013

Is Kentucky's Grocery Store Liquor Ban Antiquated? Court of Appeals To Decide.

Should grocery stores be allowed to sell these liquors?
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Should Kentucky grocery stores be allowed to sell liquor and wine?

That’s the topic of arguments to be  heard Tuesday by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. 

Earlier this year, U.S. District  Judge John Heyburn overturned Kentucky’s ban on grocery store sales.  In his ruling he said it violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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The Salt
9:20 am
Wed July 3, 2013

Guess Who's Fighting To Keep Indiana Dry On Sundays?

Kyle Fronke inventories the wine in Kahn's Fine Wines and Spirits in Indianapolis last year. Only liquor stores in the state can sell cold beer, and on Sunday, practically all carry out alcohol sales are prohibited.
Darron Cummings AP

Originally published on Wed July 3, 2013 9:52 am

When you think summer, you might think of cold beer at a barbecue, maybe a bottle of wine with a Sunday picnic. A lot of people take it for granted that they can just go to the store and pick up alcohol.

Not in Indiana.

While many states have laws restricting liquor sales, Indiana is the only one where you can't buy packaged beer, wine and liquor on Sundays, and it's the only state that regulates alcohol sales based on temperature. Only liquor stores can sell cold beer.

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9:53 pm
Tue March 26, 2013

Lawmakers Approve Litany of Alcohol Bills, Including Sales on Election Day

Kentuckians in wet and moist counties may soon be able to buy alcohol on election days.

 The Kentucky House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 13, sponsored by State Senator John Schickel, a Republican from Union. Under the bill, small businesses and tourist destinations along Kentucky's Bourbon trail would also be able to stay open during election days.

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Local News
9:46 am
Wed March 13, 2013

Why Kentucky Bans Alcohol Sales on Election Days

Credit Gabe Bullard / WFPL News

The ban on alcohol sales during the 6 a.m. to 6p.m. polling hours was a Prohibition-era response to what was already a well-established tradition in Kentucky—buying votes with liquor.

The problem goes back to the Antebellum period. Back then, it wasn’t unusual for saloons to double as polling places at the time. Corrupt politicians did whatever they could to make voters happy.

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Local News
5:16 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Election Day Alcohol Sales Bill Close to Final Passage

The legal sale of alcohol on Election Day in Kentucky is a step closer to reality.  Liquor hasn’t been sold legally on Election Day in the commonwealth since the beginning of Prohibition.  Northern Kentucky Senator John Schickel says the measure also would allow local voters to restrict alcohol sales.

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5:18 pm
Thu February 14, 2013

Bill Blocking Groceries from Selling Wine and Liquor Advances to House Floor

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A bill that would effectively block grocery stores from selling wine and liquor—and ban wine and liquor sales in new pharmacies—was approved today in a state House committee.

Under the legislation, grocery stores could still sell alcohol from an adjoined structure with a separate entrance. 

Current law does not allow people younger than 21 to enter a place which sells wine and package liquor, which has prevented sales in grocery stores in the past.

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4:35 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

Kentucky State Senate OKs Alcohol Sales on Election Day

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The Kentucky State Senate approved legislation Tuesday that would remove the prohibition of alcohol sales on election days while polls are open.

The bill wouldn't supersede the authority of dry counties in determining alcohol availability—but areas that wanted to continue the prohibition of election day alcohol sales could vote to do so.

One aim of the bill: Business that rely on alcohol sales—and also tourist destinations along Kentucky's Bourbon Trail—would be allowed to remain open on election days.

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Local News
11:53 am
Sat August 11, 2012

Kentucky's Ever-Changing Liquor Laws Confound Drinkers, Proprietors

Laws governing the sale of alcohol in Kentucky are already labyrinthine, and to make things more confusing, they are often in flux. It seems like one county or another in the Commonwealth is always voting on whether to be dry (no alcohol sales), wet (alcohol sales allowed), or moist (drinks can be consumed in restaurants, but package sales are prohibited). Marshall County recently held such a vote—they chose to remain a dry county—and emotions ran high on both sides.

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