Anti-Defemation League

4:18 pm
Mon January 14, 2013

Anti-Defamation League Criticizes WHAS's Mandy Connell 'Yellow Star' Remark

The Anti-Defamation League is criticizing WHAS radio host Mandy Connell for controversial comments comparing potential gun control measures to the Nazi regime tagging Jewish Germans.

Last week, WFPL reported that during a heated on-air interview with Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth, Connell said Second Amendment advocates should be concerned about further regulations.

The radio show host added citizens should be worried about an "overly intrusive government" similar to Nazi Germany.

"Things like (U.S. Sen.) Diane Feinstein requiring gun owners to register if they’re already a legal gun owner," Connell said. "Why don’t we make them wear yellow stars as well? Why don’t we tag everybody?"

In response, an ADL spokeswoman told LEO Weekly the comments trivialized the Holocaust.

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