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1:45 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

REVIEW | The Bard's Town Opens Season with Solid Louisville Premiere of 'Rapture, Blister, Burn'

Rachel White, Laurene Scalf, Amy Steiger and Victoria Reibel in Gina Gionfriddo's "Rapture, Blister, Burn."
Credit The Bard's Town Theatre

In theory, Gina Gionfriddo's 2013 Pulitzer Prize finalist play "Rapture, Blister, Burn" sounds like homework -- four women from three generations debate feminist theory and interrogate their own life choices in a women's studies class on stage -- but in practice, it's a thought-provoking and darkly funny long, hard look at how wide the gulf often is between the ideal life educated middle-class white women have promised themselves (fulfilling career, romantic relationship, devoted children, financial security) and life's messy, sometimes disappointing realities. 

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Arts and Humanities
2:37 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

Having It All: A Conversation with Playwright Gina Gionfriddo

Gina Gionfriddo

In playwright Gina Gionfriddo's comedy "Rapture, Blister, Burn," two forty-something former schoolmates confront their choices - one became a feminist academic superstar, the other a stay-at-home mom - and decide they each want what the other has.

In an ad hoc women's studies classroom featuring three generations of American women, they interrogate the theoretical underpinnings and practical implications of feminist ideals and put them to practice in their own lives, to mixed results.

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12:19 pm
Mon February 10, 2014

REVIEW | Play's the Thing in Baby Horse's New Theatrical Experiment

Here's how a typical night at the theater goes: you find your seat, you browse the playbill, read the actors' previous stage credits, take in the set. The house lights go down, stage lights come up. The play begins. You sit back and watch for a couple of hours. On a good night, you're entertained, you're amused, you're moved, you're terrified by the story the actors tell on stage, and you carry that story with you home, or on to wherever the night takes you. 

Louisville's Baby Horse Theatre Group isn't interested typical nights at the theater. 

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10:00 am
Tue December 24, 2013

Ten-Minute Play Festivals Seek Short Work from Kentucky Writers

A scene from the 2013 Ten-Tucky Festival at The Bard's Town Theatre.
Credit Doug Schutte / The Bard's Town Theatre

The contemporary American ten-minute play is practically a Louisville invention – former Actors Theatre producing director Jon Jory was a champion of the form, establishing it as a legitimate sub-genre from the early beginnings of the Humana Festival, and the annual National Ten-Minute Play Contest is still administered by Actors Theatre. So it’s no surprise that several Louisville companies have developed a fondness for the short form.

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Arts and Humanities
4:36 pm
Mon December 9, 2013

Going Into Its Fourth Season, Louisville's The Bard's Town Theatre Refines Its Artistic Vision

Brian Hinds and Beth Tantanella in The Bard's Town's 2013 production of Kate Fodor's "Rx."
Credit Doug Schutte / The Bard's Town

When The Bard's Town Theatre artistic staff programmed its first two seasons, executive artistic director Doug Schutte says they made choices based on little more than pure desire. He had some long-standing wishes he wanted to fulfill, like staging plays by Liz Fentress and Nancy Gall-Clayton, two of his favorite Kentucky playwrights.

Done. (2011's "Strike Zone" and 2012's "The Snowflake Theory," respectively.)

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8:00 am
Fri November 29, 2013

Listen: Louisville Actors Perform 'Star Wars in 60 Seconds ... or So'

The cast of "Star Wars in 60 Minutes" - Chris Petty, Tony Smith, April Singer, Scott Goodman and J.P. Lebangood - perform this weekend at The Bard's Town.
Credit Marty Pearl

Many children of the 1970s and '80s grew up learning all of the dialogue to the original Star Wars trilogy by heart. Now, a  group of Louisville actors are bringing that experience to the stage. In “Star Wars in 60 Minutes or Less,” five actors perform a manic, comic version of George Lucas’ science fiction classics.

“It’s not necessarily picture-perfect, it’s definitely sped-up, it’s very low-budget," says director Chris Petty. "It’s basically five kids in a basement playing Star Wars.”

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10:11 am
Fri November 1, 2013

REVIEW | New Comedy ‘Rx’ Explores Symptoms and Cures for Workplace Depression

Brian Hinds (Phil) and Beth Tantanella (Meena) in The Bard's Town's production of Kate Fodor's "Rx."
Credit Doug Schutte / The Bard's Town

Have you ever felt like you were destined for greater things than the annual pig price report? In Kate Fodor’s deceptively lighthearted romantic comedy “Rx,” a frustrated writer has traded her MFA in poetry for a job as the managing editor of American Cattle and Swine Magazine, a desk from which she creeps daily to the old lady underpants section of a neighboring department store to weep bitter tears of frustration and humiliation.

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2:44 pm
Thu September 26, 2013

Le Petomane Opens Tenth Season with Comedy Experiment

Kyle Ware and Kristie Rolape in Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble's "Test Subjects."
Credit Sean Donaldson / Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble

The Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble has been creating and performing original comedies in Louisville for ten years. They open their anniversary season tonight with “Test Subjects,” an original two-person comedy that pays homage to the troupe’s comedy influences.

“Test Subjects” runs through October 6 at The Bard’s Town.

Like all Le Petomane shows, “Test Subjects” started with a title and cast availability. Out of six ensemble members (they all share the artistic director mantle), Kyle Ware and Kristie Rolape were available, so they built the show from the ground up through the group’s highly collaborative devising process.

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12:07 pm
Fri September 13, 2013

REVIEW | Ten-Tucky Festival Showcases Kentucky Playwrights

Tony Smith, Carol T. Williams, and Corey Music in Bill Forsyth's "Properly Served."
Credit Doug Schutte / The Bard's Town Theatre

The ten-minute play is a tricky little beast. Within strict time constraints, the playwright has to write a whole play: a full story featuring interesting characters who experience conflict, complications and some kind of change – all in ten minutes or less. It’s harder than it sounds, but it's also a relatively low-risk platform for theater companies to try out lots of new material. 

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4:08 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

A Continuous Loop: Absurdist Comedy 'The Bald Soprano' Runs Back-to-Back

Brian Hinds and Victoria Reibel in Savage Rose Classical Theatre's production of Eugene Ionesco's "The Bald Soprano."
Credit Savage Rose Classical Theatre

When Tad Chitwood decided to direct a production of "The Bald Soprano," Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist satire of middle-class manners, he found the most common English translation from French a bit timid – not to mention out-dated, with its jokes about 1950’s British bourgeoisie.

“That doesn’t really resonate with American audiences," says Chitwood. "He was poking fun at clichés that don’t really exist anymore. Not only do they not exist, they tend to be British and French clichés of the mid-twentieth century. You’d read it and think okay, I guess that was funny once. So it had to be adapted, not just translated.”

Chitwood got to work on a new translation with an updated American sensibility. The show is produced by Savage Rose Classical Theatre, and it opens Friday at The Bard's Town.

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