Arts and Humanities
3:40 pm
Thu May 31, 2012

Theatre [502]'s 'Futura' Is Now

Betsy Huggins and Laurene Scalf in Theatre [502]'s production of "Futura" by Jordan Harrison.
Bill Brymer

When director Amy Attaway started working on Jordan Harrison’s typographical dystopian play “Futura,” she had just bought her first iPad. One of the first news stories she read on her tablet was about Encyclopedia Britannica discontinuing its print edition.  The sinister future Harrison devised, where handwriting, printing, paper and books are outlawed and all written materials are part of “The Big Collection” in the cloud, suddenly felt very close.

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Arts and Humanities
3:53 pm
Wed May 30, 2012

Novelist Creates Own Drinking Game at Readings

courtesy of Patrick Wensink

Louisville author Patrick Wensink has discovered one simple strategy to help people pay attention during book tour readings. He’s made a drinking game out of his.

“I’ve always felt like the worst part of a book reading is the book reading,” says Wensink. “I’m as guilty as anybody. I’ve sort of zoned out in the past and haven’t paid attention to every word.”

Wensink hands out a list of six words before he reads an excerpt from his new novel. Every time he reads one of the key words, everyone (author included) takes a sip.

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