9:01 am
Fri June 27, 2014

Brent Spence Bridge Project Funding Is Washington's Responsibility, Ky. Lawmaker Says

The Brent Spence Bridge

Northern Kentucky business and labor leaders want the $2.6 billion renovation of the Brent Spence Bridge funded in any way possible, but many state lawmakers aren’t willing to support one option—tolls—in an election year.

There's just not much money for new infrastructure, with a state highway trust fund poised to dip into the red pending federal inaction, and road receipts projected to decline in the future due to high gas prices and more fuel efficient cars.

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Local News
12:25 pm
Thu June 20, 2013

Clark Memorial Bridge to Close for 30-45 Days Next Year

Clark Memorial Bridge
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Are you planning to get into (or out of) Indiana any time next year? It'll be a little (more) difficult. To accommodate construction of a new downtown bridge, the Clark Memorial Bridge—often called the Second Street Bridge—will close for 30-45 days, likely beginning next May. Details on the closure are forthcoming.

An average of about 20,000 vehicles cross the Clark Memorial Bridge each day. By contrast, an average of more than 121,000 cross the Kennedy Bridge each day. 

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Local News
12:57 pm
Thu August 30, 2012

As Ground is Broken, River Fields Continues Bridges Fight

Ohio River Bridges Project

Officials from Kentucky, Indiana and the federal government are celebrating what they call the start of construction on the long-planned Ohio River Bridges Project. But a preservation group will continue its fight against a portion of the plan.

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Local News
4:53 pm
Wed August 1, 2012

Federal Government Approves Tolls for Bridges Project

Bridges Authority

The federal government has approved the tolling plan for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

This means the project has cleared its final federal hurdle, and tolls may be placed on the new East End Bridge, the new downtown bridge and the existing Interstate 65 span.

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Local News
10:47 am
Wed June 20, 2012

Federal Government Approves Record of Decision for Bridges Project

Ohio River Bridges Project

The Federal Highway Administration has signed off on the latest record of decision for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The new approval became necessary early last year, when Mayor Greg Fischer, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels changed the project to cut the cost from $4.1 billion to $2.6 billion. The approval brings the start of construction one step closer.

Still remaining is an agreement to toll the existing Interstate 65 and the selection of firms to build the two bridges. 

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