5:40 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Federal Grant Aims to Speed Up Broadband in Kentucky Schools

Credit Brad Flickering/Creative Commons

Kentucky is poised to receive federal grant money to improve broadband speeds in public schools.

The Federal Communication Commission’s E-rate program already provides more than $2 billion annually to schools across the U.S. to modernize Internet accessibility.

Now that the FCC has pledged an additional $2 billion for the next two years, Kentucky educators are poised to get a $22 million slice of that pie.

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5:04 pm
Thu February 14, 2013

Senate Passes Phone Deregulation Bill With Many Rural Lawmakers Opposed

Credit Creative Commons

A bill that would end requirements on phone companies to provide landline services in parts of Kentucky where other options are available has cleared the state Senate.

Nicknamed the AT&T bill because of the phone company's support, the legislation was largely opposed by rural lawmakers who argue that the bill would end landline service to their areas without proper alternatives.

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1:11 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

New Group Plans Bigger Push for Expansion of Broadband Access in Kentucky

A national group that has pushed expanding broadband access in other southern states is now focusing on Kentucky.

Citizens for a Digital Future is opening up a Kentucky chapter to help advocate for these issues with lawmakers and private businesses.

The group’s Kentucky director, Gary Gerdemann, says a lack of wireless options is affecting businesses and education.

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