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4:41 pm
Thu October 31, 2013

Indiana Legislative Panel Urged to Take Action Against Sex Assaults on Teen Girls

Indiana state lawmakers are being urged to find ways to better protect the state’s young people against sexual assaults, particularly teenage girls.

A legislative panel heard from several experts about the problem today. 

The Centers for Disease Control says just over 17 percent of Indiana girls in grades 9  to 12 have reported being raped.   The national average is 10-and-a-half percent. 

Therapist Malia Crosby, who was sexually assaulted when she was 16, says those numbers are probably low because many young people are reluctant to report such crimes.

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Local News
7:30 am
Thu August 30, 2012

Food Safety vs Dietary Choice: The Raw Milk Argument

Mike Dixxon (left), picks up his weekly supply of raw milk from dairy farmer Gary Oaks.

The debate over unpasteurized, or raw milk has been heating up in recent months. Those who drink it tout its nutritional benefits, but government health officials warn that consuming raw milk is not worth the risk of contracting a dangerous food-borne illness.

One day a week, in a church parking lot in Lexington, dairy farmer Gary Oaks hands out glass bottles of raw milk from of the bed of his pickup. It’s milk that goes directly from the cow to the bottle and then is quickly refrigerated. About forty people will stop by to collect their orders.

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5:42 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Study Finds Surface Miners Are at Risk of Black Lung Disease, Too

A new study shows that black lung disease isn’t limited to coal miners who work underground.

Studies for coal workers’ pneumoconiosis—or black lung disease—haven’t been done on surface miners in a decade, and the miners were commonly thought to be less at risk for the disease than underground workers. Surface mines are open to the air, after all, and underground coal mines have frequent dust issues caused by mining in constricted spaces without much ventilation.

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