5:03 pm
Sat January 18, 2014

No MCHM Chemical Detected In Ohio River, Officials Say

Credit Creative Commons

Louisville tap water is safe to drink and there is no methylcyclohexane methanol—or MCHM—detected in the Ohio as of Saturday, according to officials with the Louisville Water Company.

A chemical plume made its way down the Ohio River after a spill in West Virginia last week that contaminated the water for nine counties there.


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4:44 pm
Mon June 10, 2013

Work Continues to Neutralize Chemical After Spill at DuPont Plant

Work is still ongoing to neutralize hundreds of thousands of gallons of a dangerous chemical at DuPont Louisville’s plant, after an equipment malfunction led to a leak yesterday.

DuPont officials say it seems a faulty flange on a 500,000 gallon tank of hydrochloric acid caused the leak. About 1500 pounds of the chemical was released into the air and onto the ground, and those living within a mile of the plant were told to shelter-in-place yesterday evening. Now, crews are working to neutralize the chemical and remove it, a process that could take up to two days.

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4:34 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

So Far, No Sign of Widespread Air, Surface Water Contamination From Chemical Spill

Regulators are still working to extinguish a fire at the site of the train derailment and chemical spill in southwest Jefferson County. But work has also begun to determine the environmental and health effects of the toxic chemicals that have already leaked.

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10:33 am
Mon October 29, 2012

5 Things to Know About Butadiene

A train derailed in southwestern Jefferson County this morning, and emergency personnel have reported that the chemical butadiene is leaking from a railcar. People living near Abbotts Beach Road in Jefferson County and Katherine Station Road in Bullitt County have been evacuated, and there's a shelter-in-place with a two-mile radius from the spill. Here are some things to know about the chemical that's leaking.

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