11:55 am
Thu January 31, 2013

This Week in Asian Coal News: China Burns More, India Needs More

Harry Schaefer U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Two related stories about coal in Asia broke earlier this week: that India just doesn’t have enough coal to meet the country’s demands, and that China burns nearly as much coal as the whole rest of the world.

The news about China was released by the Energy Information Administration on Tuesday, and Brian Walsh of TIME summed it up with his headline: “The Scariest Environmental Fact in the World.”

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Local News
6:50 am
Wed January 23, 2013

Former Chinese Political Prisoner Harry Wu: U.S. Companies Too Cozy with Communist China

Harry Wu
Credit University of Louisville

Communism in China brought mixed reactions for a young Harry Wu.

When he visited poorer regions of the country, Wu could see some benefits for the poor. But Wu's father was a banker, among the capitalist class who were being persecuted in Mao's China. He considered leaving — maybe going to the then-British controlled Hong Kong — but he decided to stay in China and study. 

His family's past wealth caused him harassment until, in 1960, he was shipped off to a labor camp. And in labor camps he'd stay for the next 19 years.

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