Chris Matthews

7:30 am
Sun December 8, 2013

When Politics Worked: Chris Matthews Discusses Reagan and O'Neill at the Kentucky Author Forum

One of the hallmarks of U.S. politics in recent years is the seeming inability of opposing sides to work together pragmatically to come up with solutions. It's not an entirely new phenomenon, but many observers say things are more contentious now than ever before.

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5:24 pm
Tue December 3, 2013

Chris Matthews Plays Hardball with WFPL

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is the host of Hardball

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is an unapologetic political commentator known to grill guests and ruffle talking points.

It's an interview style that has earned Matthews the reputation as confrontational by his fans and critics alike.

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11:37 am
Wed May 15, 2013

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell 'Will Not Have a Serious Opponent' Due to IRS Scandal

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews is predicting the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives will benefit Republican Mitch McConnell, and could result in an easy re-election for Kentucky's senior senator.

The agency has apologized for flagging political organizations with "tea party" and "patriot" in their name, but Republicans and Democrats have jabbed the Obama administration for not responding forcefully enough.

McConnell has pounced on the IRS controversy after all but predicting the controversy when he spoke out against the IRS targeting such groups last summer. Speaking from the Senate floor Wednesday, McConnell warned the president shouldn't "stonewall" any investigation and dismissed the agency's explanation.

Speaking on Morning Joe, Matthews says the scandal will haunt President Obama and the Democratic Party in the 2014 elections, adding it will likely save McConnell from a serious challenge.

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