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8:00 am
Thu November 7, 2013

Most Indiana State Parks to Close for Controlled Deer Hunting. (It's This or Adding Wolves.)

Credit Indiana Department of Natural Resources

An overabundance of deer in Indiana has prompted state wildlife officials to shut down select state parks for controlled hunting.

Twenty-one of Indiana’s 24 state parks will be involved in the annual hunts on Nov. 18-19 and Dec. 2-3.

The state administered hunts began in 1993 to reduce the deers' over-browsing of plant-life and create a healthier ecosystem, official said.

“The habitat was ultimately suffering,” said Mike Mycroft, chief of state parks and reserves for Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources.

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Local News
4:48 pm
Wed October 2, 2013

Indiana Ban on Deer Hunting Farms Rejected

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

A southern Indiana judge has thrown out the state's ban on enclosed deer hunting farms.

Harrison Circuit Judge John Evans ruled the Indiana Department of Natural Resources didn't have the authority in ban the deer farms when its former director, Kyle Hupfer, issued an emergency order doing so in 2005.

Evans issued a permanent injunction prohibiting enforcement of the DNR order. A preliminary injunction had barred it while the case was pending.

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Local News
3:41 pm
Mon March 25, 2013

Indiana Measure Would Allow Some Deer Hunting Preserves to Stay Open

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow several deer hunting  preserves around the state to continue operating.   The preserves allow hunters to pay for a chance to shoot deer that are kept inside high fences.

Owners of the preserves and some outdoorsmen organizations disagree on whether the hunting of the farm-raised deer is proper.

But Republican Rep. Matt Ubelhor says legislation is needed to resolve a lawsuit over whether four existing preserves can stay in business.     

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