4:26 pm
Fri June 6, 2014

Atherton High School Finalizes Anti-Discrimination Policies For Transgender Students

Atherton High School
Credit JCPS

Transgender students at Atherton High School who wish to use a restroom that correlates to their gender identity now may do so under protection of a new school  policy.

The school’s decision making council voted 8-1 on Thursday to adopt Policy 500, which was modeled after a Los Angeles Unified School District rule that gives students the freedom to choose which restroom they feel most comfortable using.

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7:49 am
Sat May 31, 2014

JCPS Is Investigating Male High School's Principal

Male High School
Credit Jefferson County Public Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools launched an investigation Friday into Male High School Principal David Mike's "professional behavior"  and allegations of "improper practices at the school," a district spokesman said in an e-mail.

The investigation was launched by the assistant superintendent  who oversees Male, Paige Hartstern, following multiple complaints, JCPS spokesman Ben Jackey said.

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4:51 pm
Thu May 29, 2014

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen to Make Decision on Governor's Race in 'Coming Weeks,' AP Says

Adam Edelen
Credit Devin Katayama/WFPL News

Kentucky state Auditor Adam Edelen will announce his plans regarding a 2015 bid for governor in the "coming weeks," The Associated Press reports.

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6:58 am
Wed May 28, 2014

At Risk: WFPL's 3-Month Look Into the Lives of Louisville's Struggling Students

Bryan "Kenny-Man" Bishop and his sister Bryana at home.
Credit Angela Shoemaker for WFPL News

Kenneth Gray is from a poor family, raised by his grandmother alone. He grew up on 42nd Street in Shawnee, a part of town where opportunities are sparse. He’s African-American. By the statistics, the odds are stacked against him.

He is a “maybe kid.”

“Maybe you’ll go to class,” says Kenneth, 18. “Maybe you’ll graduate. Maybe you won’t drop out. Maybe you won’t go to prison.”

Or maybe he won’t.

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6:48 am
Wed May 28, 2014

Takeaways from Jefferson County Public Schools' New $1.3-Billion Budget

Credit Joseph Lord/WFPL News

The largest budget in Jefferson County Public Schools history is set to take effect on July 1.

The Jefferson County Board of Education approved the $1.3 billion budget Tuesday night on a 5-2 vote. Board members David Jones Jr. and Chris Brady voted against it.

Jones said he did not have adequate information about long-term trends related to fund spending. But he didn't take issue with “any of the particulars" in the spending plan.

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7:50 am
Sun May 25, 2014

Louisville's Transgender Students: What Happens When Schools Are Accepting

Kaleb Fischbach
Credit WFPL News

In the past week, we've heard from  some of Louisville's transgender students—about coming out, about "passing," and the importance of communication in schools.

Today, we hear from Kaleb Fischbach, a duPont Manual High School student, about what happens when a school is accepting of who he is. 

He says Manual students have been "awesome."

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6:53 am
Fri May 23, 2014

The (Slow) Progress to Understanding of Transgender Students in Louisville and Beyond

The Genderbread Person was created by author Sam Killerman. It helps explain what being transgender means.
Credit Sam Killermann

Over the years, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender—LGBT—people have fought for equal rights in the courts, city halls, and state capitols.

But perhaps one of the most important places to have this conversation is in schools, where many students first realize who they are.

In Louisville, that conversation has been taking place around transgender student rights and it started at Atherton High School.

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3:29 pm
Wed May 21, 2014

State Audit of Jefferson County Public Schools Resurfaces Many Old Questions

Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen calls JCPS a "bloated" bureaucracy.
Credit Devin Katayama/WFPL News

The long-awaited state audit of Jefferson County Public Schools didn't give many surprises to the district's leader—in part because many of the issues were known to staff and are longstanding.

In fact, some of the same questions were raised in a 2011 audit conducted by Phi Delta Kappa, such as the cost of central administrator salaries.

Why do the questions endure?

"You've got to prioritize," says JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens.

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10:00 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Kentucky State Audit Calls JCPS Administration 'Bloated.' Here Are Some Takeaways.

Credit Joseph Lord/WFPL News

Jefferson County Public Schools’ management system is  “bloated" and the district isn’t providing teachers with enough classroom resources, according to a a state audit released Wednesday morning.

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen’s office has completed its year-long report that includes 45 findings and several more recommendations to reform JCPS management and policies, some of which the district has already begun to implement.

Those policies, he said, could shift into classrooms millions of dollars now spent on administration.

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9:00 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Louisville's Transgender Students: How Schools Are Places Of Support And Stress

Max St. John says the teachers and staff at his school have been supportive since he came out as transgender.

Yesterday, we heard from Henry Brousseau, who talked about the importance of pronoun usage to transgender students. Today, we'll hear from Max St. John who shares his story about what happens when appropriate pronouns aren't used.

St. John attends Doss High School and says staff and teachers have been supportive since he came out as transgender. But the classroom can also be stressful because many students and teachers don't know much about transgender culture.

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