10:48 am
Mon October 22, 2012

Energy PACs Already Supporting McConnell 2014 Bid

File photo

Mitch McConnell isn't up for reelection until 2014, but the Kentucky senator is already raking in donations from energy-related PACs.

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11:57 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Special Program: BURN: An Energy Journal

The radio documentary that BoingBoing called  a "must listen" is coming to WFPL.

BURN: An Energy Journal is a two-part special that explores "the Impact of Individuals, New Ideas and Revolutionary Technologies on National Energy Policy."

Tonight (Thursday, October 18), we'll broadcast part one: Voting on America's energy future—from hydraulic fracturing to the power of wind. 

1:00 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

Washington Post Editorial Urges Politicians to Stop Telling Coalfields 'Fairy Tales'

Decumanus Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an editorial for residents of coal country.

The newspaper’s editorial board is left-leaning, and begins the piece by criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for “pandering” to coalfields residents, promising them a resurgence of the industry if he’s elected.

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8:30 am
Tue October 9, 2012

Energy Conference Panel Discusses Kentucky's Energy Future

The 36th Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment continues today in Louisville. I was there yesterday, as a participant in a panel loosely structured around a conversation on Kentucky’s energy future, and coal’s role in that mix.

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5:40 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

Abramson Says Kentucky Needs to Diversify its Energy Portfolio

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson says it’s necessary to balance energy production with environmental stewardship. Abramson delivered the keynote address today during the Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment.

During his talk, Abramson touted Governor Steve Beshear’s energy plan, which calls for a quarter of Kentucky’s energy to come from renewable energy and efficiency measures by 2025.

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3:36 pm
Wed October 3, 2012

New Energy Efficiency Rankings Place Indiana, Kentucky in Bottom Half of U.S.

A new nationwide ranking of energy efficiency places Kentucky and Indiana in the bottom half of the nation.

The annual scorecard is produced by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. It looks at factors such as whether utility companies offer demand-side management, which allows consumers to move electricity usage to off-peak hours, and whether state have renewable portfolio standards or statewide efficiency efforts.

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8:01 am
Thu September 20, 2012

Do We Have Enough Water for Our Energy?

Cooling towers at the coal-fired Gavin Plant in Ohio.
Analogue Kid Wikimedia Commons

A new report out from Boston-based Synapse Energy Economics raises a question that doesn't seem to come up enough when talking about energy: what about water?

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2:36 pm
Wed August 15, 2012

Kentucky to Sell More Coal to India

Coal mines in Kentucky and West Virginia will send millions of tons of coal to India, under the terms of a 25-year contract that was signed today.

The $7 billion deal between FJS Energy, a New Jersey-based energy company, and a coal group in India will send 6 to 9 million tons of coal annually for use in Indian power plants and steel production. There are coal mines in India, too, but production is unable to meet growing demands.

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Local News
2:01 pm
Wed August 15, 2012

Abramson Says Kentucky Should Increase Efforts to Create Green Jobs and Clean Energy

Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson says Kentucky needs to double its efforts to create clean energy and green jobs.

In a meeting with energy officials Wednesday, Abramson said the commonwealth needs to look to the future.

“We simply can not, should not and frankly we will not be able to keep doing things the way we have in the past.”

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6:04 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Coal Conference is in Louisville This Week

Thousands of coal industry professionals will be in Louisville this week for a conference.

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