11:14 am
Fri May 18, 2012

Former Federal Energy Official Says U.S. Needs a Balanced Energy Mix

Coal-producing states like Kentucky are warily eying federal regulations that have begun moving the country away from fossil fuels.

Even so, Sue Tierney says she thinks coal will be around for awhile, though it will be cleaner and make up less of the nation’s energy mix. Tierney was the Assistant Secretary for Policy in the U.S. Department of Energy under President Bill Clinton. She’s giving a talk on what she calls “sustainable energy” in both the U.S. and China next week.

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5:00 pm
Thu April 26, 2012

Ky. Court Allows Groups to Intervene in Pollution Settlement

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled environmental groups and citizens may intervene in a lawsuit against a coal mining company.

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5:55 pm
Mon April 23, 2012

New Law Opens Loopholes for Nuclear Energy in Kentucky

On paper, Kentucky has a ban on nuclear power plants. That’s still the case. But a new law opens up new ways for nuclear energy to be used in the Commonwealth.

One of the things House Bill 559 allows is the re-enrichment of depleted uranium tails. But the legislation doesn’t go very far to help the one facility in the state that has been waiting for federal approval to re-enrich uranium tools.

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