8:45 am
Thu July 17, 2014

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky Had Decade-Long Financial Tie To a Lobbyist

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield in 2013.

For more than a decade, U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Kentucky,  owned a $200,000-piece of West Virginia property with a lobbyist whose clients and employers had business before him in Congress, writes R.G. Dunlop, a reporter from WFPL's Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.

Dunlop spent three months delving into Whitfield's relationship with a well-known, national lobbyist and discovered the pair had a longstanding financial partnership. 

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10:44 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

Ethics Case Against Former Kentucky Lawmaker John Arnold May Not Be Over Just Yet

Credit Jonathan Meador/WFPL News

The ethics trial against former Kentucky lawmaker John Arnold may continue.

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4:44 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

Former Kentucky Lawmaker John Arnold Cleared of Ethics Charges

John Arnold
Credit Jonathan Meador/WFPL News

FRANKFORT—A former state House lawmaker accused of sexually harassing and assaulting three female state employees has been cleared of the ethics charges they filed against him.

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3:19 pm
Mon February 24, 2014

Louisville Council President Jim King Refutes Ethics Claim, Suggests Prosecution of Complainant

Jim King
Credit Louisville Metro Council

Louisville Metro Council President Jim King says a series of ethics complaints alleging he personally profited from his public office should be dismissed.

King’s attorney, in a 24-page formal response obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, says the complaints are untimely and without merit.

The attorney, Jon Fleischaker, claims the complaints lodged by political activist Janice Rucker could be considered harassment and that the matter should be referred to the Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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Local News
6:00 pm
Wed July 24, 2013

Louisville Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin's Ethics Trial Focuses On Record Keeping, Transactions

Credit Louisville Metro Council

Louisville Metro’s internal auditor says there were two questions he considered when reviewing the relationship between Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin and the ex-offender program she helped oversee: did her relatives benefit and was there double billing?

Ingram Quick was the second witness to testify for Shanklin’s removal trial since it began Monday. The Council Court--made up of 20 council members who act as jury--will decide whether she can stay on the Metro Council.

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5:29 pm
Mon February 4, 2013

Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin Sues Mayor Greg Fischer Over Upholstery Program Records

Barbara Shanklin
Credit Louisville Metro Council

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin has filed suit against Mayor Greg Fischer's office.

Shanklin, D-2, is seeking public records regarding an upholstery program for ex-offenders that her office funded, which is part of a recent ethics investigation against her.

In September 2012, Shanklin requested records related to Fischer's "involvement in the investigation," and what authority the mayor's office had to close the program.

The councilwoman alleges the mayor is violating the state's open records law and depriving her of evidence needed for her defense in the ethics case.

"Basically we asked for what authority or rule or policy the mayor relied on to terminate the upholstery program," says attorney Aubrey Williams, who is representing Shanklin.

Williams is requesting the ethics commission delay its ruling until this matter is settled.

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Local News
4:32 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

Former Kentucky Justice Official Faces Ethics Charges

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Executive Branch Ethics Commission has charged a former government official with violating the state's ethics code by allegedly using his position to solicit campaign contributions for Gov. Steve Beshear's re-election campaign last year.

The Ethics Commission took the action against former Deputy Justice Secretary Charles Geveden in a meeting Monday. The charges stem from accusations that Geveden solicited subordinates to contribute to the Beshear campaign.

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1:49 pm
Tue November 6, 2012

Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin's Ethics Hearing Off To Slow Start

Shanklin's attorney Aubrey Williams speaks to the Ethics Commission.

The ethics hearing for Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2, is underway and prosecutors have laid out the road map for the next few days.

A few stumbles in the first few hours of the hearing--including delays by both prosecuting and defending representatives--could push the hearing into Friday. 

Shanklin has been accused of allocating discretionary spending (Neighborhood Development Funds) council members receive to programs that benefited her relatives.

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