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3:05 pm
Mon June 30, 2014

Louisville Forum on Transgender Issues Doesn't Include Any Transgender Panelists

Credit Evan Forester/Creative Commons

The Louisville Forum's July discussion will tackle the issue of growing up transgender in Louisville—though none of the four panelists are transgender.

The move has prompted criticism from some LGBTQ and transgender activists and writers.

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10:26 am
Wed March 5, 2014

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway Explains Decision to Not Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Order

Jack Conway
Credit Kentucky Attorney General's Office

FRANKFORT — Last month, U.S. District Court Judge John Heyburn issued an opinion that Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, effectively allowing out-of-state same-sex marriages to be recognized in the state.

In an emotional press conference Tuesday, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced that his office would not appeal Heyburn’s decision, saying that to do so would be to “defend discrimination.” But at the same time, Governor Steve Beshear is seeking outside counsel to lead an appeal effort.

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7:00 am
Sun February 16, 2014

Q&A: Fairness Campaign's Chris Hartman Discusses Kentucky Same-Sex Marriage Opinion

Chris Hartman, left.
Credit Gabe Bullard/WFPL News

Movement last week on the same-sex marriage issue in Kentucky presents great potential—but possibly some risk—for LGBT people in the state, Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman said.

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6:33 am
Sun July 28, 2013

Fairness Campaign Focuses on Discrimination Issues; Supports Ky. Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

Chris Hartman
Credit www.fairness.org

The head of Louisville's Fairness Campaign says a recent challenge to Kentucky's ban on same-sex marriage may bring more attention to the disparity in rights that exists in the state.

The Fairness Campaign has long fought to pass city and state-level laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing and employment. Now, Louisville residents Michael De Leon and Greg Bourke have filed suit on Friday challenging Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban. 

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6:11 pm
Sun March 24, 2013

Kentucky Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman's Car Damaged, Defaced With Swastika

On Saturday night, some 300 people gathered at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville for the annual ACLU-KY/Fairness Dinner. Things got ugly after the festivities concluded.

Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman left at about 11:30 p.m. and discovered that his car parked near the Ali Center had been sideswiped while parked on the street—the mirror damaged, the side dented and scratched. He called Louisville Metro Police to file an accident report.

Officers noticed more.

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6:00 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

Gunning for Three Bills, Fairness Campaign Hopes at Least for Kentucky House Hearing

Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio

FRANKFORT — Seeking the passage of three pieces of legislation protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, more than 200 people rallied on Wednesday in the Capitol Rotunda with Kentucky's Fairness Campaign. 

Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, a Democrat of Louisville, is  sponsoring a bill that would prevent employers from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation. The bill, along with Senate Bill 28, would also make it illegal for landlords and real estate agents to discriminate on those grounds.

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10:00 am
Mon January 21, 2013

What Kentucky's Fairness Campaign Learned from Vicco, Kentucky

Credit Google Maps

Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign leaders say they plan to use the small eastern Kentucky city of Vicco as a model for grassroots movements pushing fairness ordinances in other cities.

Last week, Vicco became the fourth Kentucky city and the smallest city nationwide to adopt a fairness ordinance. The law protects all residents from discrimination regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion or age.

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