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7:00 am
Sun January 12, 2014

When Louisville's Brrr Went West to St. Louis

Brrr in St. Louis.
Credit Thomas Crone

ST. LOUIS — To drive around the City of St. Louis is to encounter a mashed-up, controversial, living gallery of graffiti writing. On this civic front, St. Louis doesn’t suffer from a lack of participants; there’s an active enough scene that the city employs a five-man crew, working year-round to paint over and/or power-wash affected walls. While some of that effort’s aimed at gang tagging, most of work targets the familiar names, seen over-and-over, not just in the 62-square miles of St. Louis proper, but all over our too-sprawled metro region. After a time, the tags become common and recognizable, especially throughout the more-vibrant, artistic corridors of the city, along reborn streets like Cherokee, South Grand, Washington and Locust.

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12:34 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

Was Brrr Arrested?

The Brrr shirt at Regalo
Credit Gabe Bullard / WFPL News

Update: The comments on the story have raised a few questions about the t-shirts and copyright of graffiti. We talked about that with an intellectual property lawyer. Here you go. 

You've seen Brrr's work. It's pervasive. The round face with eyes half-closed accompanied by the letters "BRRR" is drawn on walls, trash cans, overpasses and even portable toilets all over Louisville.

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