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Arts and Humanities
4:18 pm
Mon March 3, 2014

Exhibit at Frazier Museum Explores American Flag In All Its (Old) Glory

This flag from Kit Hinricks' collection flew during the Civil War, after which it adorned a ship in the Asiatic fleet, and was captured by the Koreans during a skirmish. When the flag was re-captured, the marines who saved it emblazoned it with “By Land or By Sea.”
Credit Frazier History Museum

Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and the bald eagle are all instantly recognizable icons of the United States, but the American flag is not only ubiquitous, it's changed over time, and is easily adapted for interpretation. Historical flags, folk art, ephemera and artifacts featuring versions of the flag design are on display in “Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag,” now showing at the Frazier History Museum.

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Arts and Humanities
2:28 pm
Thu December 5, 2013

LGDA 100 Show Celebrates Graphic Design in Kentuckiana

Hand-lettering, like this piece for Forest Giant by Brian Patrick Todd, turned up on many LGDA 100 entries this year.
Credit Forest Giant / LGDA 100

The Louisville Graphic Design Association hosts its annual LGDA 100 Show this week. The juried exhibit of graphic and interactive design, photography and illustration showcases the best design work submitted by designers and agencies in the Kentuckiana region. 

Both professional and student work will be on display at the show Friday evening, 6 p.m., at Interactive Media Lab (124 N. 1st St.).

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