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1:05 pm
Wed October 30, 2013

Independent Record Shops Come Roaring Back in Louisville

Record shopping at Modern Cult Records.
Credit Joseph Lord/WFPL News

The national decline of local independent record stores hit home two years ago this week when John Timmons announced that Ear X-tacy would close for good.

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Local News
7:40 am
Sun August 11, 2013

Q&A: Guestroom Records Bringing OKC Shop to Louisville

The U.S. economy is getting better, observers say. Maybe slowly, but it's getting better.

The Great Recession and the changes wrought by the digital age decimated many industries, and the market for brick-and-mortar record shops has long been on the deathwatch list. The situation was made perfectly clear in Louisville in 2011 when Ear X-tacy, the city's biggest (10,000 square feet in what's now the Panera Bread on Bardstown Road) and most famous record shop, closed.

Smaller shops have endured in Louisville. And a new one is coming from an unlikely place.

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