Highview neighborhood

7:30 am
Mon October 1, 2012

Highview Residents Oppose Apartment Project

After months of petitioning Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, several residents and homeowners groups are opposing an apartment project in the Highview neighborhood.

Frontgate Apartments is a 212-unit apartment complex being proposed by LDG Development in an area near Outer Loop. It has the support of the mayor’s office as an affordable housing project, but residents have complained it will lower property values.

Jon Bingham is a board member of the Apple Valley Property Owners. He says residents are willing to negotiate with developer, but that the current complex being planned is too big for the area.

"So they can come back to the table and talk to us about a reasonable, smaller size that would be a blessing to those residents as well as a blessing to the community and we can get to the negotiating table. But if they are going to shove all or nothing, we will go for nothing," he says.

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