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11:22 am
Tue June 17, 2014

Federal Judge Upholds Indiana's Warm Beer Law

Credit Wikipedia

A federal judge has rejected a challenge to Indiana's law that prohibits convenience stores and groceries from selling cold beer.      

Judge Richard L. Young issued a ruling Monday saying the state has legitimately drawn a line by only allowing liquor stores to sell cold beer.

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5:23 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Committee Says Indiana Lawmaker Did Not Violate Ethics Rules

Credit Indiana State Government

A panel of Indiana lawmakers says House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner did not violate the House's ethics rules when he fought legislation that would have cost his family's nursing home business millions of dollars.

The House Ethics Committee did express concerns Wednesday that Turner's efforts to kill a proposed nursing home moratorium did not achieve the "highest spirit of transparency" and vowed to tighten those rules.

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4:38 pm
Wed April 23, 2014

Indiana House Ethics Panel Begins Hearing Case Involving Legislative Leader

File Photo/Rep. Eric Turner
Credit Indiana State Government

The Indiana House Ethics Committee has begun hearing a case involving House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner.

The committee is deciding whether Turner broke rules when he worked privately to block legislation that would have cost his family's company millions of dollars in profits.     

Turner fought a nursing home construction ban during the 2014 legislative session.

Turner did not attend the hearing.   In a filing read by panel chairman Greg Steuerwald,Turner said he disclosed his involvement in the company while discussing the bill during a Republican caucus meeting.

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6:15 am
Mon April 21, 2014

Indiana Lawmaker's Ethics Hearing Scheduled for This Week

Credit Indiana State Government

The Indiana House Ethics Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing this week to determine whether a powerful House Republican violated ethics rules by lobbying against a measure that would have cost him and others millions of dollars in potential profits.     

Some fellow lawmakers say House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner privately lobbied against a proposed ban on the construction of new nursing homes during the final hours of the 2014 session.    The measure was defeated.

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3:58 pm
Fri February 21, 2014

Indiana GOP State Senator Sanctioned After Criticism of Gay Marriage Vote

Indiana State Sen. Mike Delph
Indiana General Assembly

The top Republicans in the Indiana Senate have removed a conservative senator from leadership positions in the wake of an intraparty fight over amending the state's constitution to ban gay marriage.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long and other members of his leadership team told Sen. Mike Delph that he would lose his ranking within the GOP caucus, his seat in the Senate chamber among other Republicans and his press secretary.     Delph will now sit among the Senate Democrats.

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4:40 pm
Mon February 17, 2014

Indiana Senate Approves Altered Gay Marriage Amendment

File photo

The Indiana Senate has advanced a proposed constitutional marriage ban with language that pushes off the soonest public referendum until at least 2016.

The Senate voted 32-17 this afternoon in favor of the measure.

The vote comes after the Senate approved a version last week which would force a delay in the referendum.

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6:20 pm
Thu February 13, 2014

Indiana Gay Marriage Amendment Won't Be On November Ballot

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Opponents of a proposed Indiana constitutional amendment banning gay marriage say they scored a "huge victory" when the state Senate advanced the measure without language barring civil unions.

The Senate decision Thursday effectively ends chances that the amendment will be put to voters before 2016. Indiana law requires proposed constitutional amendments to pass consecutive sessions of the Legislature in the same form twice before going to voters.

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6:31 pm
Mon February 10, 2014

Indiana Gay Marriage Amendment Clears Senate Panel

An Indiana Senate committee has approved a controversial proposal to write a gay marriage ban into the state constitution.

The Republican-led measure passed the Senate Rules Committee Monday by a vote of 8-4. It now goes to the full Senate.

The measure cleared the House last month after language was removed that would
have banned civil unions.

Gov. Mike Pence and other Republicans want the provision to be restored so the
proposal can go before voters in the fall.

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3:12 pm
Mon February 3, 2014

Surveillance Bill Wins Indiana House Approval


The Indiana House has approved a bill that would restrict law enforcement access to surveillance drones, GPS trackers and cell phone searches.

The measure easily won passage today by a vote of 85-11.

The legislation comes amid growing concern over the National Security Agency's access to citizens' phone and Internet records.

Under House Bill 1009, law enforcement agencies would first have to obtain court orders before using technology such as unmanned aircraft, real-time tracking devices or requesting passwords for electronic data.

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4:39 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

Altered Gay Marriage Ban Amendment Clears Indiana House

A proposal to place a ban on gay marriage in the Indiana constitution has been approved by the state House of Representatives.

The altered measure leaves the door open for civil unions and employer benefits for same-sex couples.

Lawmakers in the Republican-led House passed the proposal 57-40 after removing language that would ban recognition of anything “similar” to same-sex marriage.     

That change would also lengthen the process of amending the state constitution, but the clause could be reinserted by Senate Republicans.

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