8:16 am
Wed December 18, 2013

JCPS, Kentucky Among National Leaders in Adding National Board Certified Teachers

Jefferson County Public Schools added the fourth most National Board-certified teachers last school year out of all districts nationwide.

And Kentucky added the sixth most board certified teachers out of all the states.

The advanced certification is a rigorous performance-based process that can take up to three years to complete. It’s a voluntary credential that compliments degrees and other standards that are required by individual states.

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9:25 am
Sun December 15, 2013

WFPL Wraps Up 'Next Louisville' Education Project, Education Reporting Continues

A crowd listens to presenters at a Pecha Kucha event on public education this year.

Joe Franzen is an optimistic teacher.

“You all have heard it, JCPS is going to be the best urban school district around. And I believe it."

The crowd cheers.

Then, Franzen—who teaches at Fern Creek High School—proceeds to say how he believes this can happen, but why it's not.

Franzen presented at a Pecha Kucha event earlier this year. The theme was education. The event was one of several WFPL hosted as part of our year-long education reporting initiative called The Next Louisville. 

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5:17 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

JCPS Says 67 'School of Innovation' Commitment Letters Received

Credit Hanna-Barbera

Jefferson County Public Schools has received 67 letters of intent to design the first ever School of Innovation.

When JCPS announced its School of Innovation Design Competition last month officials  told the public to think big.  They said any individual or group could submit an  idea, which will be due at the end of January.

The proposals can include suggestions on new ways to educate. City innovation director Ted Smith says the ideas should "make us gasp."

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1:13 pm
Fri December 6, 2013

JCPS Has Received 15 Commitment Letters From 'School of Innovation' Designers So Far

School of the future according to the hit show The Jetsons.
Credit Hanna-Barbera

Officials say they’ve received 15 letters of intent so far from groups or individuals who want to design the next Jefferson County public school.

The district announced its School of Innovation Design Competition last month, which allows anyone to submit ideas that JCPS staff could potentially help become a reality.

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8:00 am
Mon December 2, 2013

Hal Heiner: JCPS Equity Scorecard Results Are 'Unacceptable'

Kentucky Charter Schools Association Chair Hal Heiner

Jefferson County Public School officials and supporters are hoping a new report displaying student inequity will get the community more involved to help close achievement gaps parallel with the so-called Ninth Street Divide.

But one community leader argues the numbers should be a catalyst for elected leaders and others to open their minds up to alternative educational options for students who aren't being left behind in Louisville's public school system.

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3:05 pm
Tue November 26, 2013

CLOUT: JCPS Must Fix Racial Gap in Student Punishment


The group Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together (CLOUT) is taking Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens to task over racial disparities in student suspensions and other disciplinary action.

An equity scorecard released by the school district on Monday shows African-American students are more likely to be disciplined than their white classmates in Louisville's public school system.

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12:27 pm
Mon November 25, 2013

JCPS Says Student Equity Needs Community Response, Releases 'Equity Scorecards'

A group of community, city and school leaders discuss how JCPS can be more equitable.

Dozens of community leaders and educators formed groups Monday morning at the Jefferson County Public Schools district office and discussed how the community and schools can better support student equity.

This isn’t a project, officials promised.

Instead, JCPS hopes ‘equity scorecard’—which measure student and school disparities in the district through data and surveys—can be a catalyst to improve inequity in public school culture and data.

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3:25 pm
Tue November 12, 2013

JCPS Committee Proposes Giving Former Drug Offenders Second Chance To Volunteer


The Jefferson County Board of Education will consider a new policy later this month to allow some ex-offenders with drug convictions a second chance to volunteer in schools.

In JCPS, hundreds of parents are rejected from volunteering because the district bans anyone with a felony or drug and alcohol conviction from volunteering in supervisory roles.

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1:01 pm
Tue November 12, 2013

JCPS Wants You To Design The First 'School of Innovation'

Credit Hanna-Barbera

If you could design your own school, what would it look like?

That’s the question posed to Jefferson County residents by the school district, which will consider the best idea for creating the first “school of innovation” and help it become a reality as early as the 2015-2016 school year, officials said Tuesday.

“I would like to see classrooms get dumped in general,” says Fred Durham, co-founder of Café Press in Louisville.

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1:45 pm
Tue October 29, 2013

Jefferson County Public Schools Considers Easing Restrictions for Ex-Felon Parent Volunteers


Some parents with felony backgrounds who are banned from volunteering in Jefferson County Public Schools may soon be allowed the privilege.

Volunteer applicants in JCPS are automatically rejected from assisting schools in a supervisory role if they are convicted of, or plead guilty to, any felony—no matter how long ago it happened.

(Click here to see WFPL's previous coverage on rejected volunteers.)

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