1:32 pm
Wed September 5, 2012

JCPS Interested in Local "Race to the Top" Grant

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Hidrafil

Jefferson County Public Schools is one of 893 districts that have announced an intent to apply for new federal “Race to the Top” funding.

Kentucky applied for the federal government's competitive Race to the Top grants before, and last year the commonwealth received around $17 million after losing the larger grant it applied for.

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4:52 pm
Thu August 30, 2012

Fischer Endorses Jones for Jefferson County School Board

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer entered the education debate and publicly endorsed former Humana Inc. Chairman David Jones Jr. for Jefferson County school board on Thursday.

The businessman is running for the District 2 seat, which covers the Highlands and Crescent Hill neighborhoods. He is facing Elizabeth Berfield, Phil Haming and George Tolhurst. 

During a panel discussion at the Leadership Louisville Luncheon, Fischer said there are gaps in public education that need to be addressed, and that residents should follow Jones’s lead and take those challenges on.

"Our goal is to be the best large public school district in the country, period," he says. "And you’re seeing that with this school board race that we have right now. Unprecedented amount of people are running. You’re seeing a great community leader like David Jones step up to say, ‘I want to make a difference in this as well.'"

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4:21 pm
Wed August 22, 2012

JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens on WFPL News Special

Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens appeared live in our studios for a WFPL News Special today.

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11:30 am
Wed August 22, 2012

Superintendent Donna Hargens: Live Interview Today at 1:00

Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens will be live in our studios for a WFPL News Special today at 1:00 pm.

She'll talk with Devin Katayama about the first day of school, district management and the upcoming school board elections. We'll also be taking your calls at (502) 814-8255. You can also leave your questions or comments here. 

8:04 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

JCPS Students, Teachers and Parents Connect Through Technology

Pat Macnamara is the media specialist at Chancey Elementary.

Jefferson County Public Schools students will begin the year this week with 1,770 iPads in over a dozen different schools. 

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7:41 am
Mon August 20, 2012

GPS Could Make Transportation in JCPS More Efficient

Nearly 70,000 Jefferson County Public Schools students are taking the bus Tuesday for the first day of school, adding over 900 buses to the roads.

District officials expect some bus delays in the first week while drivers and parents figure out where students need to go after school, but they hope the new GPS-enabled buses will make transportation in the district more efficient. 

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Local News
12:00 pm
Sat August 18, 2012

Board of Education Candidates Abound

A crowded field of candidates will be on the November ballot for the three open seats on the JCPS Board of Education. WFPL's Devin Katayama covers education news, and he joined us Friday on Byline to talk about the candidates and their chances of election.

12:58 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Jefferson County PTA Membership Down, Leaders Say Parent Engagement Crucial

While local PTA leaders have stressed the importance of parent engagement, membership in Jefferson County’s 15th District PTA has decreased the last three years.

Parent engagement has long been said to be crucial to student success, and local leaders are asking parents to step up participation.

President Cherie Dimar said in the 2009-2010 school year the 15th District PTA—which includes 141 local PTAs—had 55,521 members. The following year there were 47,287 members and last year membership was at 41,514.

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9:36 pm
Sat July 21, 2012

Noise and Notes: The Racial Achievement Gap in JCPS and The Contentious Landmarks Ordinance

Louisville Public Media

A report by the Bluegrass Institute showed the achievement gaps in Jefferson County Public Schools along lines of race are actually wider in the East End of Louisville.

The conservative think tank unveiled some troubling numbers last month and organizations supportive of charter schools, such as the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), argue the report underscores the student-assignment plan has failed African-American students.

JCPS officials have said they are aware of the problem and are committed to changing the numbers, but impatience is growing as three seats open on the school board this year.

I spoke with WFPL’s education reporter Devin Katayama and former Louisville Metro Councilman Dr. Deonte Hollowell, who is a BAEO member, about the report’s ramifications on the education debate.

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5:00 am
Wed July 18, 2012

JCPS Assistant Principals Back to School

Semple Elementary Principal Danielle Randle says she's feeling the jitters this week being back at school.

Jefferson County Public Schools elementary principals are in class this week prepping for the end of summer vacation, and many are not alone.

Earlier this year, the school board approved the hiring of assistant principals for elementary schools with more than 400 students.

Of the nearly 80 schools eligible, all but a dozen principals have already hired their assistants, who officially begin Wednesday.

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