Jeff Dupre

Arts and Humanities
7:00 am
Tue May 20, 2014

New Documentary on Artist Kehinde Wiley Coming to Louisville at 21c

"Mrs. Waldorf Astor," Kehinde Wiley, 2012
Credit Kehinde Wiley

Louisville native Jeff Dupre found his latest subject through his last - while filming the documentary "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present," Abramovic's gallerist Sean Kelly introduced the filmmaker to another of his clients, painter Kehinde Wiley

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Arts and Humanities
6:00 am
Mon May 28, 2012

21C, Flyover Film Festival to Screen Documentary on Performance Artist Abramovic

When filmmaker Jeff Dupre met legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic at a dinner party a year before her groundbreaking career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, he had a vague idea of who she was (the artist who once walked the Great Wall of China) and a healthy dose of skepticism about performance art. By the end of the night, Dupre says he was smitten with the legendary artist known for pushing the boundaries of her body as the subject, object and medium of her work.

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