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9:28 am
Wed April 30, 2014

10 Takeaways From Frontline's Look at Criminal Justice and Louisville's Beecher Terrace

Credit Frontline

On Tuesday night, the PBS show Frontline aired a documentary that took a deep look at the costs and challenges of the criminal justice system—and the focus was on Kentucky and a specific neighborhood in Louisville.

In 90 minutes, "Prison State" told the story of four Louisvillians, including two  juveniles, who are entangled in Kentucky's criminal justice system.

All four were from Beecher Terrace.

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12:42 pm
Fri December 20, 2013

Kentucky Juvenile Justice Task Force Releases Ideas For Reform

A group of lawmakers and youth stakeholders has made recommendations for how to improve Kentucky’s juvenile justice system to address low-level youth offenders who cost tax payers millions of dollars while receiving preventative services too late.

A 2012 report shows that one out of every six incarcerated minors is put away for low-level offenses. And the new findings show that misdemeanants and violators make up a majority of youth in out of home placements.

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3:46 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

With Savannah Dietrich in Mind, Bill Aims to Prevent Gag Orders Against Juvenile Victims

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In the wake of the high-profile Savannah Dietrich court case, a bill in the Kentucky House would prevent judges from issuing gag orders against sexual assault victims undergoing trial in juvenile court.

If approved, House Bill 115 would allow juvenile crime victims to speak freely about their cases, said state Rep. Keith Bratcher, a Louisville Republican.

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4:44 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

Juvenile Justice Commissioner Says Minor Offenses Shouldn't Lead to Incarceration

The state’s leading authority on juvenile justice says he would like to see status offenders kept out of incarceration facilities.

A status offense is something a youth gets in legal trouble for, but an adult wouldn’t. Common status offenses are running away from home or skipping school.

Department of Juvenile Justice Commissioner Hasan Davis says he believes status offenders shouldn’t be held in a detention center for minor offenses.

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5:00 am
Wed May 16, 2012

Report: Young Status Offenders In Kentucky's Juvenile Justice System


A new report by Kentucky Youth Advocates is shining light on the state's high number of incarcerated youth with low priority crimes.

The report released this week, Ending the Use of Incarceration for Status Offenders in Kentucky, shows nearly one in every six incarcerated youths under age 18 is jailed for low priority offenses. The data comes from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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