Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen

7:00 am
Thu November 22, 2012

Mobile App to Take Aim at Government Fraud, Abuse

Adam Edelen
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As part of his efforts to increase citizen involvement in government, Auditor Adam Edelen's office will soon release a smart phone app to let residents make anonymous requests for investigations. 

Tips have always been taken in person or over the phone, but now, the office is on the verge of allowing tips to come in via smartphone or tablet.

Edelen says moving to smartphone applications will give taxpayers another tool to fight fraud and abuse.

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1:15 pm
Thu October 4, 2012

Holsclaw Defends Clerk’s Office Against State Audit


Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw is criticizing Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen over a critical report and alleging the findings are motivated by his political ambitions.

Edelen’s audit of the clerk was released Wednesday and found Holsclaw’s office paid employees illegal Christmas bonuses and failed to fully document funds collected for local charities.

Among the audit’s findings was a check written by Holsclaw’s office to the Crusade for Children last year that was approximately $1,300 less than the amount collected. Besides poor documentation of the charitable fundings the audit showed that checks from the Crusade account went to breakfasts and lunches, fundraising awards and retirement party expenses.

It also found that around $99,000 in Christmas bonuses had been paid to employees last December, but the Kentucky Constitution prohibits that practice.

Holsclaw says previous state audits have not shown any accounting issues or wrongdoing, and she questions whether Edelen’s report is politically motivated.

"I can’t speak for this auditor. I don’t even know the man. I do know this; he has a reputation of being very ambitious," she says. "I will certainly say that I admire people who are ambitious. But I will not sit by and allow that to happen at the expense of the reputation of this office."

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12:51 pm
Wed October 3, 2012

State Audit Finds Poor Documentation, Troubling Practices in Jefferson County Clerk’s Office

An audit of Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw's office shows poor record keeping of charitable funds and others questionable administrative practices regarding a non-profit and employee bonuses.

The report was conducted by State Auditor Adam Edelen, and it scolds the clerk for failing to properly account for funds that her office raised for charities such as the Crusade for Children and USA Cares Inc.

Among its findings were that Holsclaw paid $99,200 in Christmas bonuses to employees last year. According to the clerk's office the $400 per employee bonus was an incentive for good work, but Edelen's office points out that the practice is prohibited by the Kentucky Constitution and should be stopped.

Auditor spokeswoman Stephanie Steitzer says the report is not alleging any criminal activity, but does contain  several recommendations to help save the taxpayer’s money.

"We are pointing out that there are some areas of concern where she can make—we make recommendations for improvement—again, to limit the risk to taxpayers and to herself," she says.

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Local News
1:02 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Audit Finds Insufficient Oversight of Indigent Care Fund

An audit of the taxpayer funded trust that helps pay for indigent care at University of Hospital has found that the trust lacks sufficient oversight.

The review of the Quality and Charity Care Trust by State Auditor Adam Edelen released today also found weaknesses in the structure of the QCCT board.

Edelen says the audit found no misuse of funds. The trust receives more than $30 million in state and city money each year for indigent care.

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