Kentucky General Assembly

6:13 pm
Tue November 27, 2012

GOP Nominates Stivers as Senate President

The State Senate Republican Caucus has officially nominated Sen. Robert Stivers for Senate president.

Stivers’ new role won’t be official until it’s voted on by the full chamber in early January. But the GOP holds a 24-14 advantage, meaning Stivers is all but certain to succeed former Senate President David Williams. Williams left the Senate to take a position as a circuit judge.

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Local News
5:03 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Task Force Preparing Report on Kentucky Alcohol Laws

Kentucky’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Task Force will apparently steer clear of any major controversies with its recommendations.

Task force member Senator Jimmy Higdon says the panel wanted to have consensus on all proposed changes. He says the group stayed away from controversial alcohol laws like closing bars during elections, and preventing alcohol sales in groceries while allowing them in drug stores.

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9:55 am
Fri November 23, 2012

Bob Leeper, an Independent, Makes Case to be Next Kentucky Senate President

State Sen. Bob Leeper
Credit Legislative Research Commission

Kentucky’s lone independent state senator says his record as budget chairman is the reason he should be the next state Senate president. 

Originally a Democrat, Leeper made the switch to the GOP in 2000, before becoming an Independent later that decade. He may be the one state senator who can say he has literally worked with each side of the aisle in Frankfort.

Now, he’s hoping to convince Senate Republicans to make him the next president of the chamber, because he has been a loyal GOP caucus member and budget chairman.

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Local News
4:59 pm
Tue November 20, 2012

Group Says Requirements for Anesthesiologist Assistants in Kentucky Are Too Strict

Kentucky should do away with its requirement that anesthesiologist assistants also be certified as primary care physicians’ assistants.

That’s what the president of the Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists told a legislative panel in Frankfort today.

Doctor Heidi Koenig is a University of Louisville physician. She says the dual requirement is a mystery to her. She compares it to how the legal profession would work if Kentucky established different tracks for lawyers.

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7:30 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Democrats Keep Kentucky House, But Become a 2014 Target

Credit File photo

Kentucky Democrats successfully defended their control of the state House -- but they're now stranded on a political island.

It appears that Republicans will take control of the Arkansas House of Representatives, leaving Kentucky as the only southern state with a Democratic-controlled House.

And that will make Kentucky House Democrats a big blue target in future years.

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3:43 pm
Mon November 5, 2012

Republican Write-In Candidate Says He'll Serve if State Rep. Horlander is Deemed Inelligible

A lawsuit questioning the residency of Democratic State Rep. Dennis Horlander is seeking to provide a surprise boost to the GOP’s goal of taking control of the state House. 

The lawsuit claims that Horlander, who represents a district in the Shively area, doesn’t even in live in Jefferson County.

If a judge agrees, Horlander would be thrown off the ballot. 

With no third party or GOP-nominated candidates challenging Horlander this year, that leave write-in James Howland as the only other candidate who could fill the seat.

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12:34 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Outside Republican Group Makes Last-Minute Ad Buy to Help Kentucky GOP

Wikipedia Commons

As the Nov. 6 election fast approaches, an outside Republican group is dropping a six figure ad buy to help the GOP in state legislative races.

The Republican State Leadership Committee is running television and radio ads in Louisville and western Kentucky and sending political mail to another 10 or so House races across the state. 

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1:33 pm
Wed October 31, 2012

Campaign Ads From 3 Democratic Groups Contested For Inaccuracies

Wikipedia Commons

The campaign for control of the state House has taken a nasty turn, with radio and TV ads being pulled because of inaccuracies.

Republicans have successfully knocked radio ads attacking their candidates off the air in the Bardstown and Mayfield areas. And they are working on getting TV ads in Lexington pulled down as well.

The areas where the ads were pulled are considered hot spots for state legislative races, where either the GOP or Democrats are hoping to win seats. 

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11:01 am
Wed October 24, 2012

In House Races, Democrats Enlist Beshear for TV Ads

Kentucky Governor's Office

Kentucky House Democrats are enlisting Governor Steve Beshear for electoral help.

In addition to fundraisers and public appearances with candidates, Governor Steve Beshear is now appearing in TV ads asking for broad support for House Democrats.

The airs are airing in Central Kentucky, where Democrats hope to win some seats from the GOP.

“The Republicans are throwing a lot of junk in your mailbox, on your TVs and radios, full of attacks and half-truths," says Beshear in the ads. "They did it to me last year and now they are doing it to my friends."

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1:11 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

New Group Plans Bigger Push for Expansion of Broadband Access in Kentucky

A national group that has pushed expanding broadband access in other southern states is now focusing on Kentucky.

Citizens for a Digital Future is opening up a Kentucky chapter to help advocate for these issues with lawmakers and private businesses.

The group’s Kentucky director, Gary Gerdemann, says a lack of wireless options is affecting businesses and education.

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