Kentucky State Senate

7:00 am
Sun March 23, 2014

Siddique Malik Wants to be Kentucky's First Muslim State Legislator


Kentucky is among several states this year targeted for a Republican takeover. The GOP is hoping to win a majority in the House, a chamber currently controlled by Democrats 54-to-46.

But with all eyes on the House, there's a different battle brewing in the state's Republican-run Senate—one candidate is testing to see if the commonwealth is ready for its first Muslim lawmaker.

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9:00 am
Tue December 10, 2013

Outgoing Kentucky State Sen. Kathy Stein a Progressive Crusader

Kathy Stein during the 2013 General Assembly session
Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio

It’s Jan. 26, 2012, and on the floor of the Kentucky Senate, Sen. Kathy Stein is upset.

Nothing new for Stein. She’s earned a reputation as a crusader for progressive causes, including women’s rights and LGBT equality.

But on this day, after four years in the Senate, Stein’s outspokenness has, in a way, come back to haunt her: A new district map devised by Republican Senate leadership has effectively moved Stein out of the 13th, a liberal stronghold comprised of downtown Lexington and the University of Kentucky.

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6:13 pm
Tue November 27, 2012

GOP Nominates Stivers as Senate President

The State Senate Republican Caucus has officially nominated Sen. Robert Stivers for Senate president.

Stivers’ new role won’t be official until it’s voted on by the full chamber in early January. But the GOP holds a 24-14 advantage, meaning Stivers is all but certain to succeed former Senate President David Williams. Williams left the Senate to take a position as a circuit judge.

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4:10 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Outspoken Community Activist Challenges Neal for State Senate Seat

Norris Shelton
American Slaves Inc.

Louisville businessman and community activist Norris Shelton is vying for the state Senate against Democratic incumbent Gerald Neal in this year's general election.

The 75-year-old west Louisville business owner is the founder and president of American Slaves Inc., a non-profit group that is most notable for eschewing the use of the term "African-American" to describe black Americans. Running under the Descendants of American Slaves Party, this is Shelton's first bid for public office despite being an outspoken critic of local leaders for a number of years.

Shelton says the decision to run was made by the group and isn't a personal slap against Neal, but he argues the longtime lawmaker hasn't done enough for the district.

"I don’t know of anything he’s done except collect his salary and ignore his people. If there’s something good that he’s done I’d like to know it," he says.

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