7:50 am
Sun May 25, 2014

Louisville's Transgender Students: What Happens When Schools Are Accepting

Kaleb Fischbach
Credit WFPL News

In the past week, we've heard from  some of Louisville's transgender students—about coming out, about "passing," and the importance of communication in schools.

Today, we hear from Kaleb Fischbach, a duPont Manual High School student, about what happens when a school is accepting of who he is. 

He says Manual students have been "awesome."

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6:53 am
Fri May 23, 2014

The (Slow) Progress to Understanding of Transgender Students in Louisville and Beyond

The Genderbread Person was created by author Sam Killerman. It helps explain what being transgender means.
Credit Sam Killermann

Over the years, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender—LGBT—people have fought for equal rights in the courts, city halls, and state capitols.

But perhaps one of the most important places to have this conversation is in schools, where many students first realize who they are.

In Louisville, that conversation has been taking place around transgender student rights and it started at Atherton High School.

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9:00 am
Wed May 21, 2014

Louisville's Transgender Students: How Schools Are Places Of Support And Stress

Max St. John says the teachers and staff at his school have been supportive since he came out as transgender.

Yesterday, we heard from Henry Brousseau, who talked about the importance of pronoun usage to transgender students. Today, we'll hear from Max St. John who shares his story about what happens when appropriate pronouns aren't used.

St. John attends Doss High School and says staff and teachers have been supportive since he came out as transgender. But the classroom can also be stressful because many students and teachers don't know much about transgender culture.

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9:48 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Louisville's Transgender Students: Henry Brousseau and the Question of Pronouns

Henry Brousseau says it took time for his school to support his decision to come out as transgender.
Credit Alix Mattingly/WFPL News

Atherton High School is moving toward adopting an anti-discrimination policy that addresses a question: How should schools treat students whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth?

But countless transgender students attend Louisville schools that aren't Atherton—and questions remain. The restroom question that Atherton is addressing is just one.

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7:31 am
Sun May 18, 2014

Media Critic: Louisville News Media Mostly Got It Right In Coverage of Transgender Student

James Miller
Credit Submitted photo

Although transgender women have never been more visible in the United States—Chelsea Manning, Janet Mock,

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Strange Fruit
2:20 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

Strange Fruit: Donald Sterling and Racism in the NBA

Credit Meg Caudill

Donald Sterling's racism and punishment were all anyone was talking about last week - so we did too! And to supplement our, shall we say, spotty familiarity with athletic endeavors, we enlisted the help of friend-to-the-show Brian Lee West.

Brian has spoken to us before about his theater work, but this time he joined us in his capacity as our favorite basketball superfan.

In case you were under a rock (or completely overwhelmed by a little horse race), here's what happened: Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers, was recorded telling his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, not to post pictures of herself with black people on social media, and not to bring black people to his games. Not only is this obviously racist, it's also pretty irrational; Donald Sterling's girlfriend is half African American, half Latina, and the overwhelming majority of NBA players are black. Including all but two of the players on his own team's roster. And their coach.

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Strange Fruit
5:35 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

Strange Fruit: Cirque du Soleil Brings Michael Jackson’s Work to Louisville

Credit Cirque du Soleil


For most of us, Michael Jackson's death is one of those where-were-you moments.

"When I found out MJ died, Jai was with me in the car, and I pulled the car over at a gas station and I started bawling, crying. And he thought my dad had died," Dr. Story says. "Michael Jackson was very symbolic to me of my childhood - listening to his music with my dad when I was a little girl, and I just didn't expect him to die like that."

When we heard Cirque du Soleil had put together a stage production based on the King of Pop's music and dance, we wanted to find out more. So this week we spoke to Laura Silverman who does publicity for the group about how the show came together, and the challenges of bringing such a legendary life to the stage. The show will be at the KFC Yum Center on April 25th and 26th.

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Local News
1:37 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

Federal Judge Tells Indiana to Recognize Couple's Same-Sex Marriage


EVANSVILLE — A federal judge has ruled that the state must recognize the marriage of a gay couple before one of the women, who has cancer, dies.

The Indiana attorney general's office says U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Young granted the couple's request for a temporary restraining order Thursday to keep the state from enforcing its ban on same-sex marriages against the couple.

Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler wanted Indiana to recognize their 2013 marriage in Massachusetts, one of 17 states where same-sex marriage is legal.

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Local News
12:31 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

University of Kentucky Explains Purpose of Study Asking Whether Being Gay is a Mental Illness

The main building on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington.
Credit Creative Commons

Yesterday we reported that the University of Kentucky administered a survey asking students whether they agree or disagree with statements about LGBTQ people—including whether being gay is a mental illness.

UK has issued a statement explaining the survey's purpose:

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Local News
4:48 pm
Wed April 9, 2014

The University of Kentucky Asked Students If Homosexuality is a Mental Illness

The main building at the University of Kentucky.
Credit Creative Commons

Conservative watchdog group Campus Reform is reporting that the University of Kentucky conducted a survey focusing on attitudes about LGBTQ students.

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