Food & Drink Week
9:00 am
Tue November 26, 2013

Is Old Forester Louisville's House Bourbon?

The Old Forester-shaped water tower, at Brown-Forman's corporate headquarters on Dixie Highway. An advertising budget bankrolled an insurance company-mandated water tower over what used to be a warehouse. The bottle no longer holds water, but it still advertises Old Fo' far and wide.
Credit Brown-Forman

Old Forester has quite the pedigree.

Founded in 1873, it’s older than Coca-Cola and was the first bourbon to be sold in bottles. Even during Prohibition, a special medicinal license kept Old Forester in production. And for Louisville, it’s the ultimate “buy local” bourbon—distilled, bottled and aged right here in the city.  

The spirit locals call “Old Fo'” might just be Louisville's house bourbon. At Old Town Liquors on Bardstown Road, they sell a lot of bourbon, and Old Forester is a best-seller. 

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