Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson

2:34 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

Louisville Councilman Dan Johnson Twice Wrote City Hot Checks for Metro Cell Phone

Dan Johnson
Credit Eleanor Hasken/LPM

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson wrote the city two bad checks in the past month to pay off costs associated with personal use of his city-issued cell phone.

In a statement released Wednesday, Johnson, D-21, called for a thorough audit of his office accounts to demonstrate that his personal financial problems aren’t impacting his council duties.  He has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, with the filing of two civil lawsuits alleging he has written bad checks for unpaid debts.

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12:33 pm
Tue August 12, 2014

Louisville Businessman Sues Councilman Dan Johnson Over Unpaid Debts

Metro Councilman Dan Johnson (foreground) and legislative aide Bryan Matthews.
Credit Eleanor Hasken/LPM

A local businessman who provides high-interest loans to people with bad credit is suing Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson for lack of payment on a $15,000 debt.

Gus Goldsmith, owner of Action Loan, wants repayment from Johnson on an $8,000 past due balance that the councilman has refused to pay, according the lawsuit filed Aug. 4 in Jefferson Circuit Court.

"I’ve asked him to repay and I even texted him," Goldsmith said in an interview with WFPL. "He said to please drop the case."

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7:01 am
Fri August 1, 2014

Council Aide Bryan Mathews Resigns Jefferson County Judge-Executive Post

Democrat Bryan Mathews
Credit File photo

Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Mathews resigned Thursday after two legal opinions said it was a conflict of interest for him to also work as a Louisville Metro Council aide.

The question surrounding Mathews’ roles came up when he began working as a legislative assistant for Democratic Councilman Dan Johnson on June 2.

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8:08 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

African-American Council Members, Civil Rights Group Raise Concerns Over Dan Johnson's Top Aide

Bryan Mathews (background) and Councilman Dan Johnson during Thursday's Democratic caucus meeting.
Credit Eleanor Hasken/LPM

The controversy surrounding the alleged use of a racial slur by the new legislative aide to Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson boiled over into a Democratic caucus meeting Thursday evening.

Some African-American council Democrats expressed concern over Johnson aide Bryan Mathews' presence in City Hall, and one council member accused Johnson of suggesting he'd pursue an ethics complaint against a colleague in reaction to criticism of the hiring.

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2:57 pm
Mon June 16, 2014

Councilman Dan Johnson Declines to Share Legal Opinion Regarding Aide’s Dual Roles

Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21
Credit Louisville Metro Council

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21, is refusing, for now, to share the contents of a legal opinion on whether Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Mathews can also serve as Johnson’s legislative aide.

This comes as many constituents in Johnson's district are demanding more answers from the councilman on the hire, and raising concerns about Mathews' firing by a former employer for allegedly using racial slurs.

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6:55 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Louisville Councilman Dan Johnson's Top Aide Fired From Last Job After Alleged Racial Slur

Bryan Mathews
Credit File photo

Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Matthews, a newly hired Louisville Metro Council aide, was fired from a previous job for allegedly using racial epithets about African-Americans.

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9:03 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Mathews Also Working as Metro Council Aide

Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Matthews
Credit File photo

Democratic Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Mathews is taking on a new public service role—Louisville Metro Council aide.

Mathews, who has served as judge-executive since 2011 and he is seeking re-election this year, started a new job last Monday as a legislative assistant for Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21.

Mathews' dual roles — a county official also working as a Metro officer — raises a host of questions.

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Local News
3:09 pm
Tue December 31, 2013

Louisville Councilman to Request State Audit of KFC Yum Center's Overseer

Credit Amanda Donhoff / WFPL

A Louisville Metro Councilman plans to ask the state auditor to conduct a review of the Louisville Arena Authority, which oversees the KFC Yum Center.

Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21, says the authority—which is a state body—has been mismanaged, and the University of Louisville’s control over the authority’s board has caused it to underperform.

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3:36 pm
Mon December 30, 2013

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer Remains Confident in KFC Yum Center; Acknowledges Taxpayer Concerns

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer
Credit File photo

Even though it's plagued by financial woes, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer remains steadfast that the KFC Yum Center is a good deal for the city.

Two credit rating agencies have recently lowered the facility's bonds despite lobbying efforts by the Arena Authority to upgrade the rating.

In the last budget, the city increased its contribution to pay off the arena debt from $6.5 million to $9.8 million a year.

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2:27 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Ethics Watchdog Group Requests Councilman Dan Johnson Step Down from Shanklin Removal Trial

Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21

The chairman of an ethics watchdog group is questioning whether Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21, should serve as a juror on fellow council member Barbara Shanklin’s removal trial.

The 20-member council court convened earlier this week to schedule a hearing after the Ethics Commission ruled Shanklin violated five provisions of the city’s code of ethics.

City lawmakers will sit as a jury to decide whether to oust Shanklin in a trial beginning July 23.

Last September, however, Shanklin’s attorney Aubrey Williams entered an affidavit alleging Johnson told him the commission was prejudiced against his client, and mishandled the proceedings.

"Johnson called ... and informed me that his wife’s sister’s husband was a friend of a certain Commission   member, who had told the friend that the commissioners were out to get Barbara Shanklin," Williams wrote. "That is to say that they had made up their minds to rule against her. He stated that he did not think they were going to be fair to her when the hearing got underway."

Common Cause of Kentucky Chairman Richard Beliles filed the initial ethics complaint against Shanklin. He  says Johnson’s prior interference in the case raises concerns if the south Louisville Democrat can adequately serve on the jury.

"It’s really important that the public has confidence in whatever jury. So from that standpoint, reading about and hearing about the questions about Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, it would seem to me that perhaps he should consider recusing himself from that jury," he says.

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