Louisville Metro Public Works Department

5:25 pm
Mon November 18, 2013

Fixing Hall of Justice Escalators Could Cost Up to $4 Million

Jefferson County Hall of Justice

The Louisville Metro Public Works Department estimates it will cost $3.9 million to renovate parts of the Hall of Justice in order to fix its outdated escalator system.

The city owns the courthouse, which first opened in 1975, and leases it to the state. But Metro Government is responsible for its upkeep, including the four escalators that have been prone to malfunction or shut down recently.

Among the public offices that are housed in the downtown building are Jefferson County’s district courts, county attorney’s office and circuit court clerk.

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12:14 pm
Mon July 8, 2013

Louisville Public Works 'Budget Glitch' for Junk Pickup, Street Sweeping Dismissed

A plan by the Louisville Metro Council to bring back a pair of junk pickup and street sweepings in the Urban Services District will go forward despite reports that a "budget glitch" made restoration impossible.

The city used to offer those urban services four times a year within the old city limits, but the cleaning days were cut to two in 2009 as a result of the recession.

Several council members voiced frustration with Mayor Greg Fischer's administration for not using the budget surplus this year to put those services back. This June, the council allocated $400,000 to restore the pickup and sweeping, but the Public Works Department said last week it could not move the money necessary to follow the council's vote.

Public Works spokeswoman Lindsay English tells WFPL the department may have spoken too soon.

"It appeared that there was a technicality, however, that information was incorrect and the money is there," she says. "So now what Public Works is planning to do is review how we can best spend that money to help restore some of those services and investigating what the best way to spend that money will be. And we will be reporting back to Metro Council on a proposal by the end of September."

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12:03 pm
Fri December 7, 2012

New Louisville Public Works Director Emphasizes Employee Morale

Vanessa Burns, the newly appointed director of Louisville Metro Public Works & Assets
Credit Louisville Metro Government

Newly appointed Louisville Public Works Director Vanessa Burns says improving employee morale will be an important first step in the department, and that being an outsider will give her a better opportunity to implement changes.

In August former Public Works Director Ted Pullen resigned while facing a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Burns is coming to Louisville from Connecticut, and has served at public works departments in Washington, D.C. and Evanston, Illinois.

She says making the department more efficient is a top priority, but that relations between employees and managers is just as vital.

"We all have got to work on tweaking and trying to improve what we do and how we do it," Burns said. "And I think one of the good things about not being here is I can look at it with open eyes."

An audit conducted last summer found there was mistrust between public works employees and management. It emphasized that the city should begin shuffling managers to help improve efficiency and city services.

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10:30 am
Wed October 17, 2012

Public Works Rolls Out Bigger Recycling Carts in Two Neighborhoods

Metro Public Works

Two Louisville neighborhoods have been selected to participate in a pilot program designed to encourage recycling.

Residents of Louisville’s Cloverleaf and Portland neighborhoods are getting bigger recycling bins. The two neighborhoods are part of a pilot program made possible through a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Metro Public Works spokeswoman Lindsay English says the goal is to see if 95-gallon wheeled bins that are similar to the city’s trash cans will make people more likely to recycle.

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10:40 am
Tue September 4, 2012

Public Hearing Tonight on Five-Year Solid Waste Plan

Louisville's Solid Waste Management division will hold a public hearing tonight on its five-year plan for the city's garbage and recycling programs.

The plan includes a proposal to ban the use of plastic bags for yard waste and expand composting. As I reported last month, at least one member of the solid waste advisory committee is skeptical.

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12:24 pm
Fri June 1, 2012

Council Members, Public Works Officials Seek Help Catching Illegal Dumpers

Joined by Public Works officials, Louisville Metro Council members Marianne Butler, D-15, and Cheri Bryant Hamilton, D-5, called on residents to help them crackdown on illegal dumping across the city.

Butler and Hamilton announced on Friday that the city will install 19 new state of the art cameras over the summer in problem areas, which have seen repeated cases of trash and other junk items being dropped off improperly. The cameras are designed to be mobile and will be moved periodically in the case of violators moving to different locations.

Butler says illegal dumping is a perennial problem in many neighborhoods, and the public can help track violators by visiting the city's website to report an incident and identify illegal dumpers caught on camera.

 "Hopefully with this we will stop the dumping," she says. "We are asking residents to go to the website. Look at the photos that are on it and help us prosecute the people who are devaluing your neighborhood. Because these people are dumping in everybody's neighborhood."

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