Mayor Greg Fischer

1:05 pm
Thu August 23, 2012

More Data Coming Soon to City Data Website

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has unveiled his office's long-planned data tracking system, LouieStat.

LouieStat is meant to be the source for significant data on Metro Government. It's supposed to track everything from pothole locations to release rates at Metro Animal Services to overtime hours of public employees.

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11:49 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Violence Prevention Task Force Seeks Volunteers for Response Teams

In its first official public action, Louisville's Violence Prevention Work Group has put out a call for volunteers for a new crisis response team.

As the name implies, the response team will be sent to crisis situations (typically crime scenes) to work with bystanders, family members, witnesses, etc. and help alleviate the trauma. The team would ideally help prevent the actions that spurred the creation of the Violence Prevention Work Group in the first place.

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5:31 pm
Mon August 6, 2012

Council Mulling Fischer Landmarks Veto

The Louisville Metro Council could override Mayor Greg Fischer's veto of contentious changes to the landmarks ordinance this week, but one member says the administration is twisting lawmakers' arms.

The legislation amended several provisions of the four-decade-old law that governs historic site declarations, but Fischer agreed with preservationists that the changes politicized the process and violated the separation of powers between the council and mayor's office.

Since city and county governments merged in 2003, there have been four mayoral vetoes of council measures and lawmakers have never mustered the necessary two-thirds vote to override.

Councilman Kelly Downard, R-16, who voted for the landmarks bill, says lawmakers have bipartisan agreement this time and should overturn the mayor's decision in part because Fischer is overstepping his bounds.

"The vote Thursday is not going to be about the ordinance again, it's going to be about overriding a veto. So there are other issues that come into play beyond the merits of the ordinance itself," he says. "And I'm hoping we end up with the 18 votes that we need. I just think (Fischer's) attempting to usurp some power of the council and I'm not exactly sure why. This is not a major issue for him to pull out the veto power."

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2:55 pm
Thu August 2, 2012

Fischer Vetoes Landmarks Ordinance

File photo

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has vetoed the contentious landmarks ordinance a week after the Metro Council passed the bill.

The legislation amended several provisions of the four decade old law, and allowed a majority vote in the council to overturn a decision made by the city's landmarks commission. Despite stiff opposition from preservationists and outcry from a handful of lawmakers it passed the council by a 16-7 vote.

In a letter to city lawmakers, Fischer agreed with preservationists, who argued the ordinance politicized the process and violated the separation of powers between the council and mayor's office.

"The positive impacts of our current, nationally recognized landmarks law far outweigh the need to change this four decade precedent for our city," he says. "Additionally, the citizens of Louisville have clearly told me that they fear the landmarks process potentially could be politicized through Metro Council involvement.I cannot support a law that allows a simple majority of the Metro Council to overturn the standards based review of the Landmarks Commission."

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2:01 pm
Mon July 30, 2012

Preservationist Group Requests Fischer Veto Landmarks Ordinance

A preservationist group is requesting Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer veto a controversial ordinance that allows the Metro Council to overturn a decision made by the Landmarks Commission.

After months of debate, the council passed the bill by a 16-7 vote last Thursday that changes the city’s longstanding process to declare historic sites. Introduced by Councilman David Yates, D-25, who said the commission lacked oversight, lawmakers made a number of changes including a provision that allows a majority of council members to challenge a Landmarks Commission decision and begin a review process.

Attorney Steve Porter is representing the preservationist group OPEN Louisville, which drafted a letter to Fischer asking him to reject the ordinance.

He says the council is violating the state constitution and encroaching upon the mayor’s authority.

"If this passes and goes into affect without a veto, landmarks is the only local agency that can be overruled by the Metro Council. And I think this is in violation of the Kentucky revised statuette, which set up a separation executive and legislative power," he says.

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Local News
4:59 pm
Mon July 16, 2012

Fischer Pushes for Local Sales Tax Option at Chamber Meeting

File photo

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer continues to push for a local sales tax option to fund future city services and projects.

The option would make it easier for the city to pay for services in the face of budget shortfalls. Currently, the state must approve a ballot initiative to increase local taxes for specific projects. In 2007, Louisville voters rejected such a tax referendum to pay for an expansion of the Louisville Free Public Library by a resounding 2-to-1 margin. 

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Local News
12:59 pm
Fri July 6, 2012

Monday News Special: Mayor Greg Fischer

File photo

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer will join us Monday at 1pm to discuss jobs, crime and the latest controversies in the Metro Council. We'll get his take on the status of the former Kentucky Kingdom site, and the latest ruling involving the firefighters settlement. 

Join us with your thoughts, Monday from 1-2pm, at 502-814-TALK (8255),, or leave us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter

1:47 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

Here Are the Members of Mayor Fischer's Violence Prevention Workgroup

Workgroup Chair Blaine Hudson
University of Louisville

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has appointed the members of what's now called the Violence Prevention Workgroup. The panel was announced last month after back-to-back shootings in the West End.

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7:30 pm
Mon June 4, 2012

Council Questions City CFO About Budget Deals With PARC

Hearing testimony from Chief Financial Officer Steve Rowland, the Louisville Metro Council's Budget Committee began its review of the mayor's proposed spending plan on Monday.

Mayor Greg Fischer's latest budget balances the city's books without raising taxes, cutting city services or furloughing Metro employee. However, council members spent most of the time grilling the administration about the budget's reliance on the sale of two downtown garages to the parking authority.

The city is selling two downtown parking lots to the Parking Authority of River City for $10.7 million and selling two garages for $3.9 million. PARC technically purchased the garages from the former county government at merger nine years ago, but the payment was never received.

Budget Committee Vice Chairman Kelly Downard, R-16, says the mayor's agreement is unacceptable because PARC owes much more money for the garages after Metro Government paid bonds on the structures since merger.

"They’ve been taking income off this—net income—for seven to nine years, that’s our money. We’ve been paying the bonds down, good lord," he says. "I think PARC’s got a problem because they have been taking our money on a garage they didn’t pay for, on debt that we’ve been paying and I think there’s a serious problem here."

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Local News
3:19 pm
Sat May 26, 2012

Analyzing Mayor Fischer's City Budget for FY 2012-13

Friday on Byline WFPL's Political Editor Phillip Bailey provided review and analysis of Mayor Greg Fischer's austere budget plan for 2012-13. The spending plan does not raise taxes and balances the budget without Metro employee layoffs or furloughs, and gives non-union city workers a 2 percent raise. Metro Government had faced a $20 million shortfall in the coming fiscal year, but filled that hole with $13.5 million in projected revenue estimates and selling two downtown parking lots to the Parking Authority of River City for $10.7 million.