12:22 pm
Thu October 11, 2012

Regulators Grant Mercury Variance for Ohio River Plant

Ohio River regulators have voted unanimously to allow a West Virginia company five more years to comply with new, more stringent pollution requirements.

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7:30 am
Mon October 8, 2012

ORSANCO to Make Final Decision on Mercury Variance Thursday

The regulatory body that oversees pollution in the Ohio River is holding its fall meeting in Louisville this week.

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission—or ORSANCO—is made up of representatives from eight states and the federal government. The body meets three times a year.

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2:50 pm
Tue June 26, 2012

ORSANCO: West Virginia Plant Can Release More Mercury Into Ohio River…Maybe

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Committee has made a preliminary decision to allow a West Virginia plant to release more mercury than allowed by law into the Ohio River.

I covered this story in December, when ORSANCO was still accepting public comments on the waiver.

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