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2:00 pm
Mon September 2, 2013

Ali Center Hosts Exhibit of Iconic Motown Images

White 'protesters' picket Motown's "Hitsville U.S.A." offices in Detroit as part of Al Abrams' March on Hitsville publicity stunt, July 14, 1964
Credit Courtesy of Al Abrams

Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, Jr. hired fellow Detroit native Al Abrams in 1959 to serve as publicist for his fledgling record label. Abrams was 18 at the time, and Motown’s first employee.

“Present at the creation, so to speak,” says Abrams. “It was incredible. I’m surrounded by all these geniuses, people who are creating music left and right – artists, songwriters, producers. And I’m actually getting a paycheck for all of this, too. And I’m beginning to think I must be the luckiest kid in all of Detroit. And I probably was.”

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